By Dr. Laurie Roth
April 10, 2015

It is in your face if you actually dig and find the real news profiling the mass murders of Christians around the world. I just read again of the horror a few days ago of al-Shabab’s mass murder of 148 Christian students at Garissa University College in Kenya. These Islamic murderers marched around the school demanding to know who was Muslim and who was Christian. If students couldn’t recite Islamic scriptures and beliefs they were immediately murdered.

Most of the headlines I found on this horrific event did not happen to mention that all the murdered students were Christians. I guess that isn’t a big part of the news these days – just get rid of those pesky Christians. Obama sure has nothing to say about the multi thousands of Christian murders throughout the world at the hands of Islam.

Just recently a Christian man was grabbed by Muslims in Pakistan according to Ted and Whalid Shoebat and thrown into an oven where he was roasted. Shockingly he survived but has severe burns all over his body. It is a miracle he lived. This kind of extreme cruelty and torture on a massive scale goes on every day. Other regular and daily attacks involve the kidnapping of young women and girls, forcing them to be sex slaves, endure rapes and torture. Then, the cherry on top for this Religion of peace crowd is the regular apprehension of young boys for the apparently non-pedophilia activities by the Islamic – pervert fighters who have sexual needs.

All the gays are to be rounded up and slaughtered according to Sharia but the pervert Islamic fighters act out with the young boys. That ain’t gay or criminal. After all, Muhammad married a 6 year old and has sex with her before she was 9. I guess perversion and murder runs in the family. Oh well…back to the murder of Christians.

Regular guests Ted and Whalid Shoebat who track the murders by Islamics of Christians worldwide have long ago exposed the slaughter houses in Syria which hang Christians up like cows by their feet, torture and slaughter them. It is a daily occurrence, which Obama has nothing to say about. All kinds of Muslim groups through out the Middle East and all over Africa target and burn Christian churches, villages and schools. Most of the time worshipers, students and families are within the structures being torched or blown up. This is the ‘JV team’ of mass murderers – ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups that Obama funds and looks the other way on.

It is time for Christians around the world to arm themselves, stand up, organize and get behind groups like and others who literally save what lives they can from this internationally organized Christian genocide that Obama funds. If we don’t stand up for our speech rights, personal defense and safety in our homes, schools and places of worship, we will lose it all. I have screamed this over the years on my show and in my articles. I will again. “I would rather be rude and alive than polite and dead.”

Obama with one of his last speeches at the Christian prayer breakfast told us Christians to get off our ‘high horse’ because of the ‘horrible’ behavior and attacks during the great crusades 600 years ago. The only small detail Obama failed to mention was that the Christians back then were responding in self defense due to long term, Muslim aggression, torture and murder as we have now. They finally stood up and fought back.

If Muslims continue to target Christians perhaps it will be time for another ‘great crusade.’ There is a time for peace and a time for war. Which time is it for you and do you plan to live?

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Muslims Open Fire On Four Christians, Then Lock Them Into A Room, And Burn Their Bodies Beyond Recognition

by  on March 24, 2015
By Theodore ShoebatMuslims in Kenya, all belonging to the terrorist group Al-Shabaab, opened fire on four Christians in a money transferring shop. After they opened fire and the victims lied dead in the room, they then locked the room and set the whole place ablaze, burning the victims beyond recognition. I did a whole video on this:

YouTube video

According to the report on this horrific story:

Islamic extremists from Somalia took responsibility for killing four Christians on Tuesday (March 17) and another on March 15 in northeastern Kenya.

Somali rebel Al Shabaab militiamen or their Somali sympathizers have carried out several attacks on Kenyan soil the past two years, usually separating out Christians and executing them, in retaliation for Kenya’s military involvement in the Somali government’s fight against the insurgents.

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s shooting deaths of four Kenyan Christians at a money-transfer shop in Wajir. An explosion, either from a grenade or a fire set with gasoline, then burned the bodies beyond recognition, area sources said. read more

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