Homemade Smart Meter Cover is TWICE as Effective as Expensive Purchased Ones!

Homemade Smart Meter Cover is TWICE as Effective as Expensive Purchased Ones!

It looks like a cross between a Hostess Ding Dong and a fully popped pan of Jiffy Pop (do they even make that anymore?), but hey, this thing works! 🙂

Posted on Get Smart Nashville’s Facebook Page – By Yvonne Nachtigal May 28, 4:35pm

Function over appearance. Here’s my “Jiffy Pop Smart Meter Cover” (aka “Poor Man’s Smart Meter cover”). It brings radiation readings down to HALF that of the expensive smart meter cover my neighbor purchased ($120)! Hands down, the professional model is more attractive, but that’s not what I was after. (If  you decide to go the professional meter cover route, you can find one here. In their defense, the meters they’re putting in my neighborhood, and likely everywhere else now, are much stronger than previous models, so mitigating them is a real challenge.)

With a little ingenuity, I’m sure you can improve on my design, (send me videos of what you come up with and I’ll share them!) but here’s what I used:

— 8 layers thick, I made a 3.5”wide band of heavy duty aluminum foil (to go around the meter). I attached it with 2 small strips of duct tape

— Faceplate – 6 layers of aluminum foil with a small hole for the signal to get out

— Aluminum screen to cover everything and a strap to hold it in place

– Aluminum foil – $3
– Strap – $2
– Aluminum Screen – I had some in the garage
– Total cost roughly $5.

Readings before cover -> 1600 μW/m2
Readings after cover-> 229 μW/m2

Much better!!!!

I also covered the inside the garage with 2 ft all around the meter ( 4ft in all) with 6 layers thick heavy duty aluminum foil (held in place by duct tape)

Readings inside garage before the foil -> 2000+ μW/m2
Readings inside garage after the foil -> -0-
Readings inside house after smart meter cover and garage wall covering – next to nothing.

We also put Stetzer filters in rooms where we spend the most time.

Health update:

– No more headaches
– No more dizziness
– No more heart palpitations

My husband:
– MS Symptoms subsiding
– Feeling returning to legs

– Undisrupted sleep!

For the first time since the installation we don’t feel like we’re being microwaved in our own home!

Remaining concerns:

The health and safety of the millions who are not even aware of the danger!!
— Violation of wiretapping laws
— Violation of 4th amendment rights
— Lack of enforcement of consumer protection code
— Complete lack of representation by “representatives”
— Fire hazard
— Insurance companies will not pay damages
— Who pays if the system is HACKED?
— Effect the new meter will have on our electric bill


  1. YCNightingale says:

    The cover is working great. My neighbors also had me make one for their home as their meter faces our home.

    It is also crucial to cover the wall BEHIND the meter that faces the inside of your home. If the meter is on the garage, that’s easy. You just cover an area extending two feet out in every direction from the meter, eight layers thick, with heavy duty aluminum foil. If it is on the wall of a room, that’s problematic if you care how the wall looks, but you can always artistically cover it with something. The second option is graphite paint, more professional but it’s a bit of an effort. It involves painting the entire wall with black graphite paint, which costs about $200+ per gallon (yea, I know), then you have to put conductive tape around the wall and ground it or it will shock you and you paint over it with a normal color.

    As far as the meter, I have an HF35C. Just throw that into Google and you can price them.

    But the meter on my house (and they’re all about the same if you have one of the new ones), gave readings of in excess of 2000 microwatts per meter squared without the cover. The readings dropped to nearly nothing after the cover. Yes there are many meters in my area. In my house, my meter picks up readings only from my next door neighbor’s meter, which I covered so now it’s 0, and the nearby cell tower. I am not picking up other smart meters from inside my house at this point, thankfully.

    Yes we are living in very bad times. The worst. I do what I can to expose evil so that people can see their way through deception, and help where I can, but our battle is not against flesh and blood. Yes, he works nefariously to kill the body, but the devil’s target is human souls. Our focus has to be spiritual. Whether sooner or later, none of us are not getting out of this world alive. God bless you and your wife, Randy. Are you in touch with Tony Pantalleresco? He helps many people with Morgellons.

  2. I was wondering if all is still going good with Your meter cover, kind of did the same except less foil, I don’t have a tester and am half afraid of making things worse,,what kind of tester did u use,? ,, also are their many meters around Your area, if so do they affect your home,, this is so rediculus , My wife and I have been havung alot of issues recently and i KNOW its from the mete,we tried to eat rite ,no wifi, no cel phone and yet we still having issues,(morgellons),, Im afraid very bad times are in our very near future if people dont wake up, any help or tips would be so reatly appreciated, thank You & God Bless

  3. ingenious…gotta do it.

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