A Few Thoughts on Frequencies

From the onset of the lockdown I’ve been saying that COVID19 is the result of exposure to the 60ghz frequency generated by 5G. This association has now been largely established and virus theory itself is being challenged, but regardless, we’re living in a world convinced that a killer “virus” is on the loose. To question that narrative gets you labelled as a “conspiracy theorist” …or worse. Here are some further insights from Craig Patin on the “coronavirus” / 5G connection.

By Craig Patin | Hidden In The Crag

Something occured to me this morning. It is a known fact that frequency ranges cause problems with human bodies and 5G has been said to cause “flu like symptoms”. This is where people originally got the idea that “coronavirus” was being caused by 5G frequency ranges. I agree.

What I didn’t agree with is that this coronavirus was the real problem here. I always said that this “virus” was caused by the frequency behind “5G”. I always said that coronavirus was only the symbolic representation of what was really going on here. But, now I can see that there may be some truth into actually calling it coronavirus, but once again, the coronavirus (SarsCov2) influenza virus isn’t what is killing people. Lack of oxygen, blood clots and hypoxia is. All caused by frequencies. All caused by 60Ghz+ 5th Generation frequencies.

A study done last week mentioned the frequency attacking the body causing the “coronavirus” connection. At first I disagreed. But now after some thought, I think it was right on. I think these mad scientists that brought three frequencies to the public knew it caused flu like symptoms and I think they knew it actually allowed Sars-Cov-2 to manifest in the cells of the human body. This influenza virus is nothing new as we all know but the disease Covid 19 is a new strain of SarsCov2. This is obviously from the frequencies we are bombarded with.

This is why it was so easy to “predict” a coming “pandemic” due to SarsCov2 ala coronavirus ala COVID 19. The same month they had the Event 201 in October 2019, 5G was rolled out on every corner in Wuhan. 1 month later we have coronavirus. I’m not telling you something new here. This is all common knowledge. So I think the coronavirus symbolic and physical connection is there. They planned this for years and achieved what they were going for. World domination under the Antichrist system.

6th Generation will be in terahertz and will have a narrower beam than 10Ghz to 400Ghz 5th Generation beam. It will start at 400 Ghz and move into terahertz. You think this is sending bits and qubits to your tv, phone, ect. But this is affecting your body. The sky is falling.

We think of a “bad signal” on electronics as being not strong. But it has everything to do with bits being sent to and from devices. When it is bad then you are receiving and sending information at a “slow” rate. They want bits to run to and fro at a “fast” pace.

Remember a few years ago and there was a phenomenon happening where people thought they heard their phone ringing or thought they felt the buzz ringer on their leg? You were getting adjusted and set up to recieve data.

5G CAUSES FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS. The millimeter waves gets absorbed by oxygen molecues specifically at 60Ghz. The waves spin the O2 electrons which makes the hemoglobin unable to unable to uptake the oxygen into your bloodstream. RESPIRATORY ARREST. 5G = CORONAVIRUS.


They say, “It is all a conspiracy theory because Africa doesn’t even have 5G!” Sure buddy.

Everything to them is a conspiracy. Here is another one. “HSBC and those silly conspiracy theories.”

Yes. Your DNA will be your data sharing bits and qubits through your phone once the inoculation goes online. Frequencies rule the world.

When I first glanced at the thumb I thought it was the shroud of turin. Think about that for a second. The fake clothe with someone’s DNA on it.

I mentioned this before but it is right in front of your face if you can see it. Crown Castle International Corp (NYSE:CCI) 339(33eye). Bill is the Gate keeper for the frequency (5/6G) to turn the body into a abomination. Corona (Crown).

Don’t be afraid, little flock, because your Father delights to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32

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