IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO TRUTHERS: The Truth Behind the Econ Crash, NWO, Jade Helm and September 2015

YouTube video

From where I sit here in the Truther community, especially the Christians out there, it appears that there is a lot of fear mongering happening. Websites and articles push fear as the main proponent, not always providing a solution, nor the proper conduct of a Christian truther. In this video, I rant about the situation, and share my thoughts about the community in general. I think there are a lot of good people in the Christian truther community, and many people doing great work. However, the few who are pushing fear as the flag ship of their message, in my opinion, are not lead by the Spirit of God in their ministry.

I’m not suggesting I am above or better than anyone else. But I am concerned that people will fall into the cycle of fear, anxiety, lacking the grace and love of God that pushes us through these difficult times. The topic of Bible Prophecy has become somewhat of a fad on the internet, and I believe there are many folks out there who are sincere in their desire to expose the enemy, yet do so in a condescending way, or a method that pushes seekers away, rather than bring them closer to God. I don’t mean to make sweeping generalizations, but I hope this video helps folks who might be feeling overwhelmed by all the crazy things happening in the world.

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