Matrix Exposed – Where Television Really Comes From

Matrix Exposed – Where Television Really Comes From

Here’s another excellent video by David Bass (RSE)

In David Bass’ words:

Tell me: What’s the difference between bowing down to an altar and sitting in front of your television believing everything that it says?

Maybe we should find something better to do than watch tv.


  1. Tracye B. says:

    This article is absolutely true – TV is based on pedictive programming meant to mold and shape people’s thoughts, behaviors, spending patterns, morals and values…. Most children and adults watch far too much TV and waste so much time in front of the box… Family time is watching TV together now? While no one talks to each other, other than comments about the show. People don’t read enough anymore either… The dumbing down of America has been completely easy with all the sports and entertainment alternatives. I personally do watch a little TV but only things I find educational/informative or good clean “fun” such as a travel show, a home improvement show, etc., international news on OAN (One America News) only – all the other “news” channels are government/NWO controlled news. Limit TV to one hour a day and see how much more productive time you have! Your mind, body and spirit will thank you!!

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