Mysterious Strangelets… (Anthony Patch, Quantum Deception & Twain’s Simulation Gospel…)

What about the quantum entanglement that Jim Carey and modern “prophecy experts” are talking about? Should we be afraid that they will eventually be able to completely control our every thought, our very consciousness? Youtuber Truth is Stranger than Fiction explains why this is nonsense.

“[If] you think that they actually are able to pierce into people’s consciousness and re-program us by reprogramming the “simulation”… well… it’s just insane to me. It’s just foolishness. It’s just hype garbage. It really saddens me that’s it’s being pushed so furiously for such a pitiful, temporary, monetary reward….

How is that actually bringing anybody to God?  [to] break down all the quantum… Are you actually helping people see through the lies, or see through how they’re going to be quantum mind controlled? I hate to break it to you, but people have been mind controlled; possession and demon influence have been around throughout all of history. MK Ultra was around long before quantum physics was supposedly able to have achieved quantum entanglement of particles…”

YouTube video

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