Noahide Laws – There are many more than seven!

Noahide Laws – There are many more than seven!

By Krystie Lynn

There are Many more than just seven Noahide laws. The laws will actually be endless. There is a law to establish courts worldwide. These courts will interpret law and decide which categories to place new laws under.

The “individual” mentioned will be the court not the gentile. The “Hebrew Roots” movement is a fine legal experiment indeed.

“The “seven” mitzvot can be viewed as seven general principles or categories of commandments, in the same way as the Ten Commandments include all 613 of the mitzvot that the Jews were commanded to observe.”

Notice what this says of those who keep “Torah”, because that is the only version of “Christianity” they will allow. Although “Torah” will be reinterpreted and categorized under Noahide Law.

The Noahide Laws are from the Kabbalah.

The 4th kingdom.


The “7” Laws are the “TORAH of the NOAHIDES.” Or Torah for the world’s Gentiles.



  1. Bob McDonald says:

    Good post thanks , Jews are liars and criminals , the obove comment seems jewsih , they are a disgrace to mankind and Hitler was right, as were the many others that have exposed these untermansch jews.

  2. Aaron T Silver-Pell says:

    I’ll just point this out. but almost every country in the world has way, way, way more laws than 7. In the Jewish tradition although it’s expected that the Jews (or at least the rabbi’s) will be following 613 laws. It’s not expected necessarily . I mean, everyone has their own ideas about who should rule and why, but at least with the noahide laws there is a bit of tradition and objectivity about it. They are there, they are in the book, anyone can pick it up and read them etc. etc. When I look at American law and american lawyers, I kind of see a whole lot of laws, so many that no one but a pack of specialists could understand them which puts people pretty much at the mercy of the specialists (the lawyers). The only one I really see a big problem with is the sexual morality one because no one really agrees on what is moral sexual behavior anymore.

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