North Carolina Flooding

Here we go again. It’s been a while since we’ve been presented with a good flood. For those of you who remain unaware of weather modification, that is what is behind these extremely strong storms that have become almost commonplace.

In Case You Missed The ‪‎News‬ ‎HAARP‬ Is Back In Action, And “Open For Business”. This runs contrary to all the FALSE reports put out last year by skeptic websites who said that HAARP was “closed down” and being bulldozed. The deniers had a frenzy last year, and gloated about this fake reported closure of HAARP… now.. all their reports are proved to be straight up lies.

This is what deniers do, they are basically liars in skeptics clothes.

7/25/2015 — HAARP back in action — Ownership transfer August 11, 2015 to University of Alaska.

Dutschinse had North Carolinas “HAARP ring” published unfortunately the link is broken.

POSSIBLE TORNADO out to sea.. directly under the HAARP ring area !


Here is my page keeping track of direct RADAR Pulses, ‘HAARP Rings’ storm hits:




Explanation here:


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