Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease

The image above is on the home page of Jan Smith –

“Ponder why a person with Morgellons disease would have tissue coming out of their body with embossed letters on it. This photo (above) is real and the sample has not been altered in any way. It is available for research and DNA testing.”  – Jan Smith –

These videos have been around for a while but this information is so important. Most people are still not even aware of Morgellons disease, and those who are aware struggle with cognitive dissonance on the subject due to the nearly complete blackout of information about it.

YouTube video

YouTube video

From Youtube Channel:
FULL CREDIT GOES TO THE BELOW WEBSITE & MAKERS. THE WEBSITE IS NOW GONE AND BLACKHOLED. (You can’t pull it up on the Way Back Machine internet archive)…

These 2 videos are well done and well researched by Clifford Carnicom and Dr. Gwen Scott. The information in these videos affects every individual in this country. They are perhaps the two of the most important videos ever to be made. If you have not viewed these videos you need to do it ASAP. These videos are not casual entertainment they are about all of us. Not just a few people with a weird disease called Morgellons, but about all of us. This information personally affects every person you love and care about. It is about your grandchildren, your family pet, your loved ones and even people down the street that you don’t care about. We are all being subjected to this. It is in the very air we are breathing, and the food we are eating. That is certain. There are more vectors beyond even that. To put it in simple terms:

We May All Have Morgellons Disease and It Is Man Made!
Many people viewing these videos may have overlooked one of the most import pieces of information that was included in each. Someone has confessed to participation in at least one aspect of the formulation of this disease. It is not to be overlooked or tossed aside. I do believe that Dr. Gwen Scott has been contacted by a credible source who has admitted his part in creating Morgellons Disease. There is still so much conjecture as to the origins of Morgellons that perhaps Gwen’s statements will impact someone who is still pretending that this disease in not a deliberate assault on all humankind. It is important to make sure everyone will hear or read this message.
I give great credit to Dr. Gwen Scott for putting forth this vital information and for her selfless work for she has done for the Morgellons community. She is herself a sufferer of the extreme symptoms of the disease. Likewise, I am proud to know Clifford Carnicom and count him among the true heroes of our time for his selfless dedication to this research and getting the truth out there in spite of the personal dangers that can come with being an honest man in these dark times. Clifford has revealed the biggest “dirty little secret” known to man.

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