Songbird: the real time movie

Due to be released in 2021, the film Songbird offers a grim, if not terrifying look into the future of the covid 19 / pandemic lockdown. Craig Patin breaks down some significant details about the film and symbolism in the trailer.

By Craig Patin

The new movie called Songbird is coming out in 2021. The Romeo and Juliet of Covid-23. That didn’t take long now did it? In the poster they have the phoenix rising out of the rorschach test. I’ll explain this in a minute. The trailer is below.

In the new trailer for the movie “Songbird” you see some interesting symbolism. Let me first start by saying that this movie literally took 3.5 weeks (3.5 is prophetically significant) to film (July – August 2020) and I’m sure they edited a trailer before actually editing the movie itself. It was financed exclusively through Invisible Narratives, a digital content studio founded by Adam (first man) Goodman (the good man), former President of Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks SKG. They will be focusing on a lot of social media based characters/movies in the future. They called Songbird a romantic thriller Romeo and Juliet type movie brought to us by Adam (first man) Mason (master builder). —> read more!

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