Voting: A Spiritual Perspective

by Cheryl Devine Tuumalo

When they tell you that there is ‘Power’ in your ‘Vote’, it’s more then you might think. The abounding ‘Spiritual Energy’ is heavily felt everywhere. Have you ever seen so much passion of hate AND love for a man?! It’s a form of sorcery, maga. Don’t be fooled, there is White and Black Magic at work here.

All of these wicked false teachers that are chanting ‘maga’ are also guilty. With many using the name of Jesus for their own motives, to keep their man in power. To help bring about their False Unity that they long for. While fleecing the flock and deceiving them. They will answer to the Most High one day.

I am growing tired of hearing that I should support Trump because he is ‘Pro-Life’. Trump has wooed all the ‘Religious’ folks with his ‘Pro-Life’ talk. How about we look at some of his other fruit and then judge the tree.

So are you okay with him being ‘Pro-LGBTQ’, supporting souls to provoke the Most High to anger. And are you also okay with him being ‘Pro-Catholic’, supporting souls to Blaspheme the Most High. AND are you okay with him now being ‘Pro-Vaccine’ which uses ‘Aborted’ Fetal Tissues? Hmm! Nah just as long as he throws around the name Jesus once in awhile and says he’s pro-life your good huh.

I know, you’re voting for the lesser or two evils. But remember one thing, BOTH sides are working to fulfill the same agenda in the end. So please do not tell me that I am responsible to partake in this sorcery. If that’s your conviction, then by all means, go ahead and vote.

We are to put our faith and trust in the King of kings alone and not in men.

Keep Watch!


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