The Insanity of Reality is Sure Making Satire Tough to ID

While also killing our children, of course.

While satire may not be the most important casualty (or even in the top ten) where our culture’s headlong, church apathy-fueled plunge into darkness is concerned, it’s worth noting that the more off-the-rails bat-guano crazy our All-American rocket ride to hell gets, the harder it becomes to easily identify satire.
Again, this is not the most important thing, but it’s both funny in a dark comedic/gallows humor sense and is also a helpful indicator as to just how far gone we are and how little time we have left to turn things around (meaning: repent and submit to Christ as Lord in practice).
I was particularly drawn toward this angle of consideration last night after I’d posted two articles earlier in the day, one a non-fiction bit here at Fire Breathing Christian and the other a satirical piece over at The End Times (our satire site). Both tackled the same subject: Drag queens and “drag queen story time” becoming “a thing” in public schools.
Here the headlines of the articles in question:
While the satirical bit may take an already insanely over-the-top scenario and add a little too-honest-to-be-real lingo (in the form of fictional quotes from fictional Christian parents who are happily sending their fictional children to a fictional public school), all the basic components of the story are true.
Which was the point of the non-fiction article here at FBC.
Drag Queen Story Time is “a thing” in many public schools. And much worse is sure to come, soon and often. Why? Because the serpent’s counterfeiter’s spin on (or redefinition of) education (aka “the pursuit of knowledge”) as clearly recorded in Genesis 3 is, in fact, the openly held and advocated foundation of the philosophy of education embraced in public schools.
As I wrote in yesterday’s piece:
“I know, I know…all of this “serpent’s tongue” talk sounds quite dramatic and over the top, doesn’t it?


It does.

But is it true?

Is it accurate?

Did the serpent express an approach to the pursuit of knowledge in Genesis 3 and are public schools built upon that approach?

That’s the important question.

Which is precisely why those trying desperately to prop up the rotting zombie of State-run children’s education would rather you dismiss that question as “too dramatic” or “too over the top” to warrant simple, clear, honest consideration…you know, the kind of thing that takes place in real education.

I encourage you, Christian, open your Bible, dig deep for the answers, and submit to the truth contained therein, no matter how hard or unpopular that may make you with the culture at large or even others in your own church.

Do this first for your Lord.

And then for your children.”

So the next time you see a shot like one below of a likely demonically possessed wannabe high priest of rank perversion cuddling up to a bunch of state-assembled children of professing Christian parents, please, after the shock wears off (not that it ever totally wears off, but you get my meaning), remember to ask your pastor and church leadership what they are doing to lovingly confront and correct the mass cultural embrace of an utterly (and quite literally) satanic approach to children’s education.
Ask your pastor and church leadership to answer the vital question: Did the serpent express an approach to the pursuit of knowledge in Genesis 3 and are public schools built upon that approach?
Do not accept an eye roll or a lazy, dismissive wisecrack as a response.
Ask the Christian men leading your church to be both men and leaders.
Insist upon (respectfully) biblical answers using the most basic and essential of sound hermeneutics, which requires, among other things, interpreting the cloudy in light of the clear.
Make no mistake, the subject of children’s education is addressed by Scripture in crystal clear detail…however much that detail may be avoided and dismissed by most pastors and church leaders in America these days. (Can’t agitate all the tithing public school advocates sitting in the pews, now can we?)
Be kind, be gracious, and be loving (as Scripture defines these things) and insist that your church leaders lead biblically in this vital life- and culture-shaping area.
Push them, as mature Christians ought to push one another when they really love, respect, and value one another.
Plead with them to go to the Word of God for answers, interpreting the vague by light of the clear.
Pray for them, that they might repent of any past promotion or encouragement of a system that is quite literally feeding millions of children to the beast every school day.
Love them and avoid any hint of arrogance or personal superiority on your part, knowing that any good or true thing that any of us has or knows is a gift given us by the grace of God.
Don’t scream. Don’t shout. Don’t be the crazy, hysterical nutcase that they often want you to be so that they can more easily dismiss what you’re saying and avoid having to actually study the Word of God in detail on this subject.
Be calm, cool, and committed to shining the pure, perfect light of God’s Word onto public schools in America.
Do that as faithfully as you are able and trust God to perfectly handle the consequences.
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