5G: Cancer, Cell Phone, Wi-Fi, Cell Tower, Wireless Radiation Health Effects

By this time most of us have heard about the UN’s Agenda 21 / Sustainability Agenda that largely amounts to depopulation, however outrageous that might sound. It comes to mind when the news reports a big flu epidemic or “natural” disaster, and certainly, that concern is justified, but by slight of hand, depopulation is already quietly being implemented through a myriad of covert means, all of which rely on public ignorance, and perhaps the mother-of-all-means to damage and, yes, kill US citizens is 5G. I realize that’s a pretty bold statement, but if you take the time to look at the evidence I think you might agree. As a brain tumor survivor, this subject is a very personal one to me and I cannot stress highly enough the importance of raising awareness of it.

I hope you’ll take note of some of the important information in these videos, such as false FCC safety standards, the true danger of 5G, and how they are managing to legally get away with forcing these technologies on us without our consent. While our government is already largely under corporate/globalist control and I don’t share the confidence in president Trump held by Kevin Mottus, I still do think it’s crucial for us to exercise our rights, which include the right to freedom of speech while we still have it. If you take the time to listen to my mom’s story about living under communism, you’ll recognize the signs that mark the gradual stripping of the Constitutional  rights that made America seem like heaven on earth when she and others like her arrived here.

YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video


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