The Mark? Red Herring? or Ordo Ab Chao?

By now I’m sure you’ve all read about the Philadelphia priest who died after participating in the Moderna COVID vaccine trial and the faces of the volunteers who developed Bells palsy after being vaccinated with the Pfizer covid experimental vaccine….


…and the umpteen photos of the 90… er… 102 year old volunteer receiving the vaccine.

We’ve even got evidence of who employed this sweet-old-lady crisis actor.

Then there’s this guy…

Bad crisis actors trying to trick the people into getting the vaccine! Shame on you!

Everyone’s afraid of the Vaxx. It seems like it’s all we’re hearing about.

Qantas came out saying that it would require proof of vaccination to allow people to fly, and according to this article in the Times Union, vaccinations are already underway in New York. Many are facing the very real threat this represents.

We have FEAR on both sides. Conservatives laugh at the masked liberals who are afraid of the VIRUS, but are huddled in terror of the jab. Is it the mark of the beast? Without going into that, in my opinion, no it’s not, and hype about that is just more of the deception. Think trauma-based mind control, that’s what they’re doing.

OK, I’m not saying this monstrous thing isn’t a real threat in the natural … but before we jump on the conservative bandwagon of outrage and fear, let’s keep in mind that the exposing of this evil system is part of a plan spelled out years ago by occultists. As evidence that’s exactly what they’re doing, consider;

A November 23 CNBC headline reads; Doctors say CDC should warn people the side effects from Covid vaccine shots won’t be ‘a walk in the park’.

Back in October Huff Post announced that Johnson & Johnson Halts COVID-19 Vaccine Trial After Mystery Illness.

On 12/2 Fox News came out saying COVID vaxx is “downright dangerous”.

And only yesterday, University of Queensland’s potential coronavirus vaccine with biotech company CSL has been abandoned after multiple trial participants returned false positive HIV test results.

I’m not sure just what their game plan is. It doesn’t seem to make much sense, with the billions of dollars that went into making the vaccines (although billions went into the fake moon landing too…hmmm.) But anyone who’s been researching all this for a while knows that when we suddenly find the 6’oclock news agreeing with us, well  something is off.

“We were told over and over by Gates and Fauci that at least 75% must take it. Right now only 50% or less are willing. Here in Hawaii, as of two days ago, they reported only 44% are willing. Which makes me super happy to hear! It’s just something is not right with the whole thing.”

~ Cheryl Devine Tuumalo

Anyway, I’m calling a RED FLAG!

It would appear that the vaxx is a bit of a red herring.


What can we draw from that? Well, for starters, that they WANT us to be focused on the vaxx controversy while they’re busy elsewhere with something they don’t want us to notice until it’s too late.


F-16 Reported to Have “Live Ammunition” Crashes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

“Live Ammunition”? Over the US?


It seems like everything we hear is about fear of this evil world takeover, but we need to fight against all the fear of the vaxx and other things that are going on in the natural. We need to remember that Jesus told us not to fear those who can kill the body. (Matt 10:28) We have to keep in mind that our true enemy is spiritual DECEPTION.

Like the victims of MK Ultra trauma mind control, those who are trembling in fear will be fodder for the elite “handlers” (who are also their torturers) and the beautiful-appearing “solution” they will bring. Many, if not most people who are even a little bit aware that’s something more going on than a “virus”, are seeing this awful grab for power as the prophesied New World Order. And it IS frightening, especially to people like my mother who have lived under tyranny, but in reality it is only the engineered PROBLEM they want us to REACT to. I’m not saying it isn’t real or that we won’t suffer under it. I’m convinced we will. But the REAL New World Order will look like a wonderful ANSWER. (Rev 13:4)

Look at what Alice Bailey said about vaccines way back in 1953 in A Treatise on the Seven Rays: Volume 4: Esoteric Healing:

Most of the objections [to vaccines]… are based unconsciously on a feeling that there should be higher methods of controlling diseases in man, than by injecting into the human body substance taken from the bodies of animals. That is most surely and definitely correct, and some day it will be demonstrated. Another reaction on their part is one of sensitive disgust, again largely unrecognised. A more vital objection should be based on the suffering entailed on the animals providing the vaccine and other substances. The science of sanitation, the use of water, and the growing knowledge of hydrotherapy…The science of prevention… certain modes of procedure… whereby forces are correctly used, and certain destructive agencies are controlled and prevented from going the destructive way. The science of inoculation is purely physical in origin, and concerns only the animal body. This latter science will shortly be superseded by a higher technique, but the time is not yet. p. 322/41
Think about it, in what setting does Christianity THRIVE? – Persecution.

In what setting does it become ANEMIC? – Prosperity! And Jesus asked “Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (Luke 18:18)

So, again, we need to be putting our faith in OUR KING rather than any man, the media, “truthers”, popular opinion, or anything else that exalts itself above God and His Word, (2 Cor 10:5) and giving Him THANKS in ALL THINGS as He told us to in His PERFECT WISDOM. (1 Thess 5:18)

Oh – and I’m sure I don’t need to add; DON’T GET THE VAXX!

Be “Wise as serpents – gentle as doves” friends! (Matt 10:16) – Our true citizenship is in heaven! (Phil 3:20, John 17:16)

God bless you!

Just tuned into Mike at On Point Preparedness. He live streamed this 19 hours ago.

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