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Is This America?

A message from Rick Wiles | 11.08.14

The Trunews headquarters is along I-95 on the western edge of Vero Beach, Florida.  There is a hotel next to us and more office condos behind us.
You know what they say about real estate: Location, location, location!  Trunews is located next to the most popular vacant cul-de-sac in Florida!  Read on!  I’ll tell you why it’s so popular these days.

More hotels were slated to be built in the vacant lots, but the 2008 financial crisis put a damper on construction.  Directly behind our building (facing I-95) is a vacant cul-de-sac.  We’ve been in this business park for nearly four years.  The only people ever in the cul-de-sac are lost tourists turning around to get back to the Interstate.

For the last six months, however, that vacant cul-de-sac has attracted a lot of vehicular traffic.  Vehicles go around the cul-de-sac and stop when their vehicle is pointed toward the Trunews building.  They park there for hours!  Every weekday!

If you’ve been in Florida in July and August, you know it gets downright hot and humid.  It doesn’t bother these guys.  They sit there hour after hour even in the blazing sun.

Interestingly, none of them park in a different location. Each vehicle drives around the cul-de-sac and parks in the exact same location as the previous vehicles. There must be a really good Wi-Fi connection there because the drivers always on looking at their laptops.  (By the way, I checked the spot and there is a hot zone in that spot identified as “Interstate-3.”)

Friday was an unusually busy day.  A total of four vehicles parked in the same spot throughout the day.  The moment one vehicle departed it was immediately replaced by another vehicle.  If I were a paranoid conspiracy theorist, I’d think we were under surveillance!  What a crazy idea.  This is America.  That kind of stuff doesn’t happen here, right?

Friday morning started out with the first car.  Soon after, another vehicle joined.  Both vehicles sat next to each other for several hours.  I can turn around in my office and look out the window and see them.  I walked outside and took photos of the vehicles.  I wanted them to see me watching them.

Shortly after taking the photographs, both vehicles drove away.  Immediately, they were replaced by a third vehicle.
I walked outside and took a photo of the third vehicle too.  He started his engine and very slowly drove toward me.  He had his window down and stared at me as he slowly drove by the office.  I waved at him to let him know I was aware of his presence and wasn’t intimidated.

Within minutes of his departure, the fourth vehicle appeared.  This one was a SUV.  It was a Florida State Trooper.  Gator and I took a stroll down the street and walked around the cul-de-sac and passed by the trooper.  I went back to the office and took a photo of the police vehicle.

With so much traffic coming into a vacant cul-de-sac, I’m seriously thinking about opening a hotdog stand on Monday.  I could make some extra money selling hotdogs and lemonade to all of these folks sitting in their cars for hours every day.

The good news is that the mysterious breaking and entering intrusions into our offices appear to have stopped.  For months there were clear signs that somebody was entering the building.  We found ceiling tiles moved, ceiling attic doors hanging open, and some doors unlocked.  Nothing was ever stolen or moved.

I changed the locks and security access codes multiple times throughout the summer.  They continued to enter as though they walked through the walls.  Furthermore, our security cameras stopped recording at certain hours during the night.  Obviously, the intruders were people with advanced skills and technologies to enable them to evade detection.

Our cameras did record, however, a man walking around the perimeter of our offices at approximately 4:34 AM.  He was not homeless.  He was dressed in normal attire. He had an object in his hand.  He made a complete revolution around the outside perimeter of our facility.  A vehicle drove into our parking lot and the man was not seen thereafter.

The breaking and entering intrusions continued throughout the summer and early fall.  They promptly ended when I said on the radio that I planned to sit in the office at night with the lights off holding my shotgun….and I would “light up the room” with my shotgun when the intruders broke into our facility.

Although the intrusions into our office appear to have stopped, there’s been unusual activity in my home every day this week.

I’m alone in my house these days.  Susan and our grandchildren went to Ecuador.  It is only Gator and me.

As a Golden Retriever, Gator is a really happy, friendly dog.  He’s been growling a lot at night for the past week.  Some nights he leaps up in the living room and runs to the door and growls.  It’s been uncomfortable to say the least.   At other times, he wakes me up in the night when I hear him snarling.  Gator is five years old.  I’ve never heard him growl or snarl or seen him bare his teeth until the past week.

I keep a loaded firearm by my side at all times now.  It’s a nasty little rascal.  The Texas Defender fires shotgun shells or .45 caliber bullets.  It blows quite a hole in a target.

An unusual thing has happened every night this week.  When I arrive home and get out of my vehicle, I can hear loud music in my house.  Each night I have discovered that our in-house stereo system was turned on with the volume at the maximum level.  The music was so loud each night I could hear it when I got out of my vehicle in the driveway.  My neighbors must think I’m losing my hearing….or my mind!

And that’s the point.  Somebody is messing with my head.  Somebody is intimidating me.

I have gone to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office twice to tell deputies that I’m under surveillance.

Next week I will request a private meeting with Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar.  I will tell him that I am being stalked.  I am under surveillance.  I believe that my life is in danger.

I’m taking the extraordinary step of putting this in writing and emailing it to tens of thousands of people as a matter of record.  If anything should happen to me, I want a written record stating that I was concerned for my safety.

I have been on the radio for over 15 years.  I have reported many important national security issues.  I have interviewed retired U.S. generals, admirals, ambassadors, FBI agents, and CIA officers.  I have interviewed members of parliaments in other nations, best-selling authors, scientists, astronauts, Hollywood celebrities, economists, and billionaires.

I have also tackled many controversial issues.  There are radical leftist groups that despise me.  Militant homosexual and atheist groups hate my name. There are Islamic jihadists who detest me.  I once discovered two Muslims on a prayer mat on my parking lot at night praying to Allah.  I chased them off the property.  A former FBI Counterterrorism officer told me, “Rick, you know what they were doing on your parking lot.  They were marking you for future action.”

Throughout 15+ years of reporting national security news, I have never felt uneasy about my safety.  Something is very different, however, about 2014.

For the record, I am telling you that I am being stalked.  I am under surveillance.  Psy-ops are being used against me.  Somebody wants me off the radio.

America is has entered a soft police state.  We may cross the line very soon into a hard police state.

I sincerely ask for your prayers and intercession for my personal safety, and that God will expose the perpetrators of this “black op” surveillance and psychological operation against Trunews.

Several close friends whom I respect their advice have advised me to immediately hire security professionals to guard both the Trunews office, my house, and me.  Round-the-clock protection will cost us a lot of money.  My German frugality doesn’t want to spend the money, but my friends are telling me to take appropriate action to protect my life.

I stand on the promise in God’s Word as written in Isaiah 54: 14.

In righteousness shalt thou be established; thou shalt be far from oppression, for thou shalt not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near thee.


Rick Wiles

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