Unholy Alliance: Part III

These articles first appeared on RENSE.COM in 2002.

By Eric Jewell – 3-22-02

Part 1

Part 2

Untangling the Web of Deceit

Part 3 of this series concerning the unholy alliance
between the nation’s leading evangelical Christian leaders, the Rev. Moon and the NWO will set about showing the sinister backgrounds of the U.S. intelligence personnel involved with these ‘men of God’, and untangle the web of deceit they have woven.

Through their many organizations, and deceitful methods of duping right-wing patriots and predominantly fundamentalist Christians, they have managed for 2 decades to work steadily toward bringing the world under their subjection with little suspicion, and with the aid of much patriotic support. They
have made “Wag the Dog” look like a romp in the sand box with amateurs.

We will look further into the bios of a few key men who are at the center of the debacle, and by adding to it a brief bio of just a few of their organizations, study their involvement in Nicaragua and the bringing down of that government; putting in its place a government that would play their game. This has been done throughout Central America and indeed throughout the world.

The following is a cross reference of the men who dominate the various “Christian” evangelical associations and organizations. We will begin with the political and intelligence community. Included with each name is a short Bio and the list of Organizations to which the individual belongs.

Sen. Jesse Helms

Endorses the Moon owned Washington Times, closely associated with the CIA, and a member of the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR)(4). Member of Tim LaHaye’s CNP Board of Governors, Member of the Religious Roundtable, also chaired by LaHaye and several other leading evangelicals. Sen. Helms was also an attendee of several of Rev. Moon’s World Anti-Communist League

(WACL) conventions; Member of Moon funded ‘Heritage Foundation’, and American Conservative Union.

Lt. General Daniel Graham

Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Deputy Director CIA, Military advisor to President Reagan, was with the American Security Council and publicly endorses the Moon owned Washington Times. Also a member of the Moon organization World Anti-Communist League, and board of Directors for Rev. Moon’s CAUSA. He founded the U.S. Council of World Freedom, which is a breeding ground for the leadership of Moon’s World Anti-Communist League.(4) He was Also associated with the group “Western Goals,” a domestic intelligence gathering organization, which was also associated with Ollie North and the Iran/Contra debacle.(8) Graham is a member of the American Freedom Coalition, which was also a Moon Funded group with many evangelicals such as Don Sills and Tim LaHaye. General Graham was Vice Chairman for the U.S. Council for World Freedom, which also is closely related to Moon’s CAUSA. A member of the Council of 56, Religious Roundtable, and Board Member to Tim LaHaye’s Council of National Policy.(4,5)

Allan Gottlieb

Board Member of Moon’s front group, the American Freedom Coalition. In 1983 the Moon group CAUSA, founded by Bo Hi Pak, former Korean CIA and liaison to the American CIA, and Moon’s #1 man, granted Gottleib an all expense paid trip to Jamaica for a CAUSA conference, and he was thereafter
associated with CAUSA. Gottlieb was also with the American Conservative Union, and was a CNP Member, and LaHaye/evangelical crony.

J. Peter Grace

Council of Foreign Relations (a breeding ground for the Bilderbergers, actively seeking to bring in the NWO), Knights of Malta (8), and worked with the CIA to remove classified info concerning former Nazi scientists so that they could immigrate into the U.S., in order to carry on their work (including mind control projects) in the United States. He is listed as a past board member of AmeriCares, a U.S. intelligence filled and evangelical associated group that flew many times into Central America when North was smuggling guns and drugs in and out of Nicaragua and Honduras, it has been alleged that AmeriCares was just one of the air services involved (9, 10, 11, 12). It is also alleged that Pat Robertson’s “Operation Blessing” flew at times into Central America in association with Graces’ AmeriCares (13). Grace, as well as many others listed here, were associated with the group “Western Goals”, which among other things, gathered intelligence against U.S. citizens and was instrumental to the CIA(4, 7, 8). Grace is also listed as being with Tim LaHaye’s CNP(5)

Howard Ahmanson Jr.

(CNP Board of Governors) Contributed to the Council of
Foreign Relations according to their 1990-1993 reports. The Ahmanson foundation has also contributed large funds to Campus Crusade for Christ.

Thomas R. Anderson

(CNP Board of Governors) Also sits on the board of the
Moon front Family Research Council.

Rep John Ashbrook

U.S. Attorney General and former Representative, Ashbrook
was on the Advisory Board of the Western Goals (U.S. domestic intelligence gathering group), Also a member of Moon’s front group “Christian Voice”, founded by Bo Hi Pak. He was a member of the American Conservative Union
and CNP Board of Governors.

George Gilder

(CNP Board of Governors) Program director for Rockefeller funded Manhattan Institute, friend of David Rockefeller, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR).

Max Hugel

(CNP Member) Former special assistant CIA Deputy Director for Administration, and Deputy Director for Operations.

Maj General Curry

Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship and served on CBNs Board of Regents

Jack Kemp

U.S. Rep, Co Director of Empower American, whose board is dominated by the Council of Foreign Relations(CFR). Associated with the Heritage Foundation, which was also chaired by LaHaye and other evangelicals. Kemp was with
the International fellowship of Christians and Jews, The Council of 56 Religious Roundtable, and LaHaye’s CNP.

Gen Richard Stillwell

Associated with AmeriCares, Chief of Far East Office of Policy Coordination, And was the head of Pentagon Intelligence during Reagan’s Administration. Served as undersecretary of Defense for policy, helped to form the Intelligence Support Activity, which was a top secret army espionage unit that operated in El Salvador when that government was toppled and restructured. He was the CIA’s contact man in the office of Secretary of Defense. Gen Stillwell formed a group of retired military personnel called the “Gray Eagles”, whose intent was to train third world armies.

Alan Keyes

(CNP Member) Former Ambassador to the United Nations.He was also part of Reagan’s National Security Team which was dominated by high level Council of Foreign Relations men (CFR).
Edwin Meese

Former Attorney General, former Chief of Staff for the
Reagan Administration. Meese was associated with the Heritage Foundation as a trustee, and Pat Robertson’s CBN, and has also served on Tim Lahaye’s Council for National Policy(CNP) Executive Committee and as CNP President.

Oliver North

This man was the Jack of all Trades, and a go between for many men and

organizations. He was associated, through Maj. Gen. Richard Secord, to the Air Commando Association, which was also involved in Honduras and Nicaragua, as well as AmeriCares. North was associated with operation Phoenix, which was an assassination group operating widely in the 1970s, and it was responsible for the death of thousands of Vietnamese civilians. He was associated with Western Goals, and Moon’s heritage foundation. North has been associated with several of Moon’s organizations, such as CAUSA, CERT, The Nicaraguan Freedom Fund, and other branches of Moon’s Unification Church. He has been actively involved with Beverly LaHaye’s Concerned Women of America, Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, and was a member of Tim LaHaye’s Council for National Policy.

Jeane Kirkpatrick

U.S. Diplomatic Rep. to the United Nations. Kirkpatrick

was a chairman for Moon’s Nicaraguan Freedom Fund. She has been a director of the Council of Foreign Relations, (a force pushing the world into its New Order, many of which are Bilderbergers), and has been an honored speaker for Lahaye’s CNP.

William Simon

Member of the Knights of Malta, Secretary of Treasury

under President Nixon, and Chairman of Rev. Moon’s Nicaraguan Freedom Fund(NFF). Simon was international business counselor for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and connected with Moon’s Heritage Foundation, and the American Enterprise Institute. Simon was a board member of AmeriCares, and also in Lahaye’s Council of National Policy.

Robert Warren

U.S. Naval Counterinsurgency expert, head of CBN’s Operation Blessing while they were running flights into Nicaragua and Honduras.

Kingpins In
The Unholy Alliance
Evangelists & Politicians 



Rev. Sun Myung Moon, founder, leader & self-proclaimed ‘Messiah’ to the Unification
Church & the world.
Tim LaHaye, evangelist & Christian author of best-selling series “Left
Beverly LaHaye, wife of Tim LaHaye, author and spokesperson for several Moon
funded “Christian” orgs
Paul Crouch, Founder and Chairman of Trinity Broadcasting Network, one of
the largest tele-evangelical corporations
Bill Bright, Founder and head of the international evangelical association,
‘Campus Crusades for Christ’
Robert Schuller, Pastor and Tele-evangelist from the famous ‘Crystal Cathedral’
in Southern California.
Rev. Billy Graham, recognized world-wide as one of the most influential evangelical
preachers; author and syndicated religious columnist
Pat Robertson, Television Evangelist, Founder of the Christian Broadcasting
Network & 700 Club anchor; founder of Operation Blessing; one time
presidential candidate
Rev. James Kennedy, founder & pastor of Coral Ridge Ministries, outspoken television
Rev. James Robison, TV evangelist; Life Outreach International Ministries; associated
with many Moon organizations
Ralph Reed, former director of the Christian Coalition and member of the
conservative think-tank “Heritage Foundation”
Gary Bauer, Conservative politician and Executive Director of the Christian
Coalition; unsuccessful Presidential candidate.
Dr. James Dobson, Pediatrician, author and publisher, head of Focus On The Family,
a Christ-centric organization and magazine
Phyllis Schlafly, Christian political activist who says a woman’s place is in
the home… even though she’s not
Jay Sekulow, Christian political activist and attorney involved in family
values issues from abortion to parents rights


Zbigniew Brzezinski

President Carters National Security Adviser, and oversaw
U.S. Covert ops in Afghanistan. He was also honorary Chairman of Americares, which was also associated in their work with Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing, and Moon’s NFF.

Maj. General John K. Singlaub

Formerly of the OSS (forerunner of the CIA), Former Deputy
Chief CIA in Korea (Moon’s homeland), and also at the Chinese desk of the
CIA(2), Head of the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force(1), and was
with the American Security council. Singlaub denies association with Operation
Phoenix, though his Task Force was in charge of it. Operation Phoenix was
an assassination organization that was responsible for the death of many
thousands of Vietnamese civilians.(1), Chief of Staff of the U.N. Command
in Korea, forced to retire under Jimmy Carter.(1) He founded the U.S. Council
of World Freedom, which is very tightly associated with Rev. Moon’s World
Anti-Communist League. His Council has been a breeding ground for Moon’s
WACL organization.(1) He met repeatedly with William Casey of the CIA,
Elliot Abrams of the State Department, and Oliver North of the NSC between
1980 and 1986, all of which were involved in the “drugs for guns”
debacle in Honduras and Nicaragua.(4) He was head of the USCWF, Chairman
of Moon’s WACL (World Anti-Communist League), Refugee Relief International,
board member of Tim Lahaye’s Council of National Policy (Singlaub raised
at least $100,000 for Moon’s WACL from Tim Lahaye’s CNP group during just
1 fundraiser (3). Singlaub has been with Western Goals (a group dedicated
to surveillance of American “subversives”), and the British arm
of Western Goals(4).In an interview for CBSs’ “60 Minutes” Mike
Wallace asked him, “Singlaub has become Ronald Reagan’s secret weapon
to sidestep a congress that will not permit him to act in the areas where
he believes that our (national) security interests are at stake.True?”
Singlaub responded “True”(14). His association with these groups
were to effect the toppling and restructuring of governments. He did this
largely through LaHaye’s CNP and the Council of 56 Religious Roundtable.
He has admitted that the Defense Department organized the private aid (1),
which largely included Moon’s NFF, WACL, Heritage Foundation, And Tim LaHaye’s
CNP and The Religious Roundtable.The following are a few short bios of the evangelicals
sitting on these same various boards, and councils, with a list of the
various councils to whom they belong.

Tim LaHaye

Co-author of the Left Behind book series, which depicts
a person as being saved even after receiving the mark of the beast. Thinking
this to be a fluke, in a conversation with his co-author Jerry Jenkins
at the official left behind website in their message board section, we
were told their position is that it will be ok to receive the mark of the
beast as long as the recipient of the mark is not a worshiper of the beast.
These men are influencing millions, and now no doubt countless thousands
are embracing this doctrine as scripturally sound. Are they preparing the
church to receive the mark of the beast? It would certainly seem so. I
have asked Tim LaHaye several questions recently concerning his relationship
with the Rev. Moon and the intelligence community. At first he denied sitting
on any board with men associated with the Rev Moon, but when faced with
evidence showing this to be untrue he now remains silent.

LaHaye is a central figure in marrying evangelical churches
with the Rev. Moon and the intelligence community.

He was a principal in the American Freedom coalition,
which was a Moon sponsored group, and claimed by Moon as an arm of his
network. He was also associated with the Coalition on Revival, and the
Heritage foundation, both of which were also Moon sponsored. After this
association was made public, he resigned from the AFC, (though his name
was not removed when he resigned), and tried to distance himself from Moon
in the public eye. He was also a principal in the Coalition of Religious
Freedom, where he spoke out for Moon during Moon’s incarceration for tax
fraud, asking hundreds of evangelicals to go to prison to support Moon
if allowed by authorities. He was also on the original board of directors
of Falwell’s Moral Majority, which was also tied through its members to
the intelligence community, and Ren Moon’s Unification Church. LaHaye also
founded the American Coalition of Traditional Values, which was touted
as a Christian organization, but was extra-ripe with Moon organization
board members, and the intelligence community. He then went on to found
what was his hallmark organization, The Council for National Policy. This
was an infamous moment for LaHaye as the most powerful intelligence and
National Security community members were melded with the church, and it
was literally filled with evangelical leaders who sit in organizations
sponsored and founded by Moon. This Council went on for the next 2 decades
to both work affecting national policy as well as movements within the
protestant denominations, affecting nearly every evangelical church directly
or indirectly. This coalition has even been involved with Oliver North,
who was a member of CNP, and his CIA sponsored Central American mission
of covertly toppling governments and then restructuring them (3). LaHaye
has also been with the Council of 56 Religious Roundtable, which is another
cover organization grouping together Moon’s representatives and the U.S.
intelligence community. LaHaye is, at my last finding, also a member of
the National Religious Broadcasters which is filled with evangelical leaders
tied in with Moon and U.S intelligence.

Ron Godwin
Former Vice President of Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority,
Sr. Vice President of the Moon owned Washington Times and honored member
of LaHaye’s CNP.

Robert Grant

Founder of “Christian Voice”, and the American
Freedom Coalition, both of which are Moon sponsored orgs. Graduate of the
Fuller Theological Seminary and member of the Religious Roundtable. Grant’s
“Christian Voice”, sponsored by Moon’s Bo Hi Pak, “formerly”
CIA, claims to be the nations largest Christian lobby, and according to
the Philadelphia Inquirer, merged with Moon in 1987. He was also associated
with the Heritage foundation, a supporter of Rev. Moon’s Unification Church,
and a member of the Board of Governors for Tim Lahaye’s CNP (15).

Jerry Falwell

Falwell admits that he accepted 2.5 million dollars from
Moon in 1994 in order to bail out his Liberty University in Richmond, Virginia.
The Women’s Federation for World Peace paid 3.5 million to the Christian
Heritage Foundation, which in turn bought Falwell’s $73 million debt, and
then wrote it off. Falwell has spoken at many of Moon’s functions, embracing
the cult-leader with unabashed reverence and friendship, calling him, “An
unsung hero to the cause of freedom, who is to be commended for his determination
and courage and endurance in support of his beliefs.” (16)

Falwell took over Jim Bakker’s “Heritage USA”
Christian theme-park/retirement community/tourist extravaganza when Bakker
was indicted and incarcerated. He was with the Moon associated Coalition
for Religious Freedom, and the Leader of the Moral Majority, which held
high level Moon associates. Falwell was also a board member of the Council
of 56 Religious Roundtable, and also a member of Tim Lahaye’s CNP.

Paul Crouch

President of Trinity Broadcasting Network. Paul Crouch
has been often ridiculed for some of the doctrine he allows on TBN. He
promotes Benny Hinn, who has been caught in countless false prophecies,
even exclaiming that Jesus will appear physically on stage at one of his
crusades. Crouch promotes Kenneth Copeland who has publicly stated on TBN
that God is the biggest failure in the universe (“I was shocked when
I found out who the biggest failure in the Bible actually is….The biggest
one in the whole bible is God….I mean, He lost His top-ranking, most
anointed angel; the first man He ever created; the first woman He ever
created; the whole earth and all the Fullness therein; a third of the angels,
at least–that’s a big loss, man.” Kenneth Copeland, Praise-a-Thon
program on TBN [April 1988] “Christianity in Crisis”—Hank Hanegraff,
Harvest House, 1993). When many have spoken out about these affronts to
scripture and the church, Crouch expressed his wishes they be damned to
Hell for causing division, and broadcasted it worldwide.

After it became public knowledge that Rev. Moon was sponsoring
the American Freedom Coalition, Paul Crouch joined up, along with Rex Humbard
and Hal Lindsey, giving Moon even more respectability among evangelical
ministers. Jim Bakker helped Crouch to start his TBN empire(17). Crouch
is a member of the Council of 56, Religious Roundtable, which again is
loaded with Moon representatives, and U.S. intelligence personnel, and
he is a member of the National Religious Broadcasters, also loaded with
Moon cronies.


Gary Bauer

A Baptist evangelical, Bauer has also been a presidential
candidate. He has served with the Family Research Council with Alan Keyes,
and served with Falwell, Jack Kemp, and Ralph Reed in the International
Fellowship of Christians and Jews. In 1987 when the Religious Roundtable
sponsored a rally in support of Oliver North during his troubles for trading
guns and drugs, Ralph Reed was the featured speaker.

Pat Robertson

Pat gave Jim Bakker his start in the early days of CBN.
Joseph Coors has been a financier of CBN, giving very large sums of money.
He has been a part of Falwell’s Moral Majority, he is a member of the Religious
Roundtable, and a principal of Tim LaHaye’s CNP. He claims to be a good
friend of Oliver North and has helped raise funds for the NFF which was
Moon sponsored to help Ollie in Nicaragua. Operation Blessing helped AmeriCares
in Central America, and there is evidence that they shipped more than “relief
goods”, and was actually a cover for CIA activity. (This will be discussed
somewhat in the next section of this article, and in depth in part 4.)

All very colorful men indeed, and not the sort to waste their time playing
tiddly-winks to pass the time away. We can know of a surety that men of
this caliber indeed have an agenda for every activity or group they involve
themselves in. What is their agenda? A quick look at some of the activities
in the groups they are involved with and the way they have spun their web,
may shed much light to show us that, without a doubt, they have been for
decades shaping the world to suit them. They are indeed bringing in the
NWO from their powerful positions in the worlds most powerful nation, Mystery
Babylon, and with the most powerful of the leaders of the Laodicean** church.

The Most Powerful Covert Operations In The World

The following is a downplayed exposé on organizations
involving Moon, evangelical leaders and the U.S. Intelligence community
Many parts are ver batem from Group Watch at
(A link to the over 100 sources in this article can be found at the end
of the article.)

Air Commando Association

Members of the ACA have included the following retired military special
forces personnel: Major General John Singlaub, MajorGeneral Sam Wilson,
Lt. General Manor, Major General Jim Ahmann, William Keeler, and Major
General Richard Secord.

Most members of the ACA were involved in covert operations
in Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam, including Aderholt who served as
Chief of Covert Air operations in Southeast Asia under General John Singlaub.
(1, 2)

Funding for the ACA comes primarily from member donations.(3)
The supplies and equipment the group delivers are donated by other organizations
such as World Medical Relief and Operation Blessing of the Christian Broadcasting
Network. (4)

In 1984 the ACA began to deliver supplies in El Salvador.
Irene Auberlin, the founder and chairman of World Medical Relief (WMR),
pledged $20 million of WMR supplies for ACA’s relief work in El Salvador.
(1) According to author Russ Bellant, over the past 30 years WMR has provided
over $100 million in supplies to CIA-directed counter-insurgency programs.

The Michigan Air Guard packed up supplies, the Air Force
provided storage facilities, and Special Operations Air Force personnel
helped transport several tons of supplies to Guatemala for ACA. (1) The
U.S. embassy in Guatemala provided ACA with a postal box, and according
to one ACA member, “watched over” the group. (4) The operations
of the ACA and other paramilitary groups operating in Central America reportedly
coordinated their efforts through Oliver North on the National Security

AmeriCares Foundation

Robert McCauley (founder, chair), Zbigniew Brzezinski(honorary
chair), Peter L. Keating (exec vice pres) Bert Schwarz (vice pres), William
S. Post(comptroller), Leila McCauley (sec). Advisory Committee: J. Peter
Grace (chair; chair, W.R. Grace & Co.), Louis F. Bantle (chair UST),
Prescott S. Bush, Jr. (Prescott Bush & Co. Inc, brother to Vice
President George Bush), Sol M.Linowitz (Coudert Brothers), William E. Simon
(Treasury Secretary under Richard Nixon), Gen. Richard G. Stilwell (USA
ret.).(1)AmeriCares is a high profile organization. Often a prominent political
figure in the 1980s, frequently a member of the Bush family, was on board
to deliver the shipment, and the U.S. ambassador to the recipient nation
was at the airport to receive the delivery. (2) Of course Bush Sr. was
a leader of the Council of Foreign Relations, working toward bringing in
the NWO under the guise of a mild mannered Christian. He was also the ex-director
of the CIA, and who better to trust than his family to oversee his and
their agenda? The activities of AmeriCares appear to echo U.S. foreign
policy, so much so that investigative reporter Russ Baker wrote that “AmeriCares
resembles a private foreign-policy operation of the U.S. government.”(2)

The organization received significant contributions from
the Moon founded Nicaraguan Freedom Fund (NFF) during its brief existence.
Hal Eberle, a board member of the NFF, was quoted in the New York Times
as saying the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund contributed $300,000 to Americares.
(3, 4) The Nicaraguan Freedom Fund’s 990 tax return shows the contribution
to AmeriCares to be $165,648.

In l985 and l986, AmeriCares shipped more than $l00,000
worth of “newsprint” to the opposition daily, La Prensa, in Managua,
Nicaragua. This included delivery of 200 tons of newsprint to the newspaper
in l986. (5, 6) Of course we can see the need to send a member of the Bush
family, and involve the U.S. Diplomat delivering such volatile material
as “newsprint”. It is no wonder that this was seen as a national
security matter.

The Knights of Malta handled the local arrangements in
Nicaragua. (7) It’s l985 tax return indicated that AmeriCares delivered
$73,136 worth of food and medical supplies to La Prensa, but Jim Schaffer,
a former official in the organization, says that only newsprint was sent.
(6) An attempted shipment of another l5 tons of “newsprint” from
AmeriCares to La Prensa in April l988 was blocked by the Sandinista government
which accused AmeriCares of being a CIA front and part of the secret network
of private groups used by Lt. Col. Oliver North to deliver aid to the Contras.
(5) The Sandinista claim they received corroboration from the organization’s
own tax records which indicate that AmeriCares is financially linked to
a number of other individuals and organizations that supplied the Contras
or were working with the CIA in Central America. (6)

Christian Broadcasting Network

CBN University: Pat Robertson, chancellor; Board of Regents in 1986 included:
Mrs. Joseph (Holly) Coors, Major General Curry, and Mrs. Roger W. (Dee)
Jepsen; Board of Trustees in 1986 included Joseph Coors. (1, 2, 3) Daniel
Olson is the Manager of international marketing and mission. (4) Michael
Little is a CBN vice president. Robert Warren, a retired U.S. Navy counterinsurgency
expert, is head of Operation Blessing. (5) The Coors Foundation was an
early supporter of CBN, giving $30,000 in support of CBN University. (6)Robertson, according to investigative reporter Sara Diamond, used his tax-exempt
broadcast license to hold a fundraising telethon in the United States for
the Guatemalan military and the Nicaraguan Contras. (7) On The 700 Club,
Robertson has interviewed Adolfo Calero and Steadman Fagoth, contra leaders;
Efrain Rios Montt, then-president of Guatemala known for massive human
rights abuses; Jeremias Chitunda, an Angolan guerrilla leader; and Ray
Cline, former CIA deputy director of intelligence. Robertson praised death
squad leader Roberto D’Aubuisson, of the ARENA party, as a “very nice
fellow”. (8)While Robertson was campaigning for President, his wife Dede said, “He
is not a television evangelist. He has never been an evangelist. He is
a television broadcaster. He has a law degree. He’s a businessman. He has
a multi-million dollar business that he started with $70. ” (9) This
seems to be true in light of the fact that his “Family Chapel”
was built with the money sent in from supporters of the gospel, and then
sold for 250 million dollars, which of course was never sent back to the
supporters of CBN.CBN is spearheaded a grassroots movement called Christian Coalition; “a house united”. Headquartered at CBN offices in Virginia, the coalition
includes Christian stalwarts such as Beverly LaHaye, Rev. D. James Kennedy,
both of whom are associated with Moon through his organizations, and organizations
filled with his associates, as well as the U.S. intelligence community.
(10)In May 1985, CBN/Operation Blessing announced a $20 million relief campaign
to send “humanitarian” supplies–food and medicine–to Honduras,
El Salvador, and Guatemala. This joint CBN and AmeriCares effort brought
supplies “of a strictly humanitarian nature” to refugees and
displaced people. AmeriCares gathered the contributions of medicines, pharmaceutical
supplies, and nutritional supplements,and CBN provided $2 million cash
for shipping and handling. [Quotes in original AP story]. (11, 12)Several tons of the AmeriCares/CBN supplies were also transported to Guatemala
and the Honduran Mosquitia region on U.S. Navy ships in the Navy’s humanitarian
aid program called “Operation Handclasp.” (13) Some of the aid
was to be distributed through Operation Blessing units in Central America,
and also by Knights of Malta. While en route to Honduras in a C-130 full
of medical supplies, Robertson told a reporter in Miami that “some
[of this aid] may get to the Contras.” (11)

According to Hap Lutz, Air Commando Association (ACA)
vice president, Operation Blessing gave about $2 million to the ACA. (14)

The U.S. operation of CBN was considered one of the top
private funders of the Nicaraguan contras. (11, 15) As of 1987 Robertson
reported that Operation Blessing had sent more than $3 million in aid to
the Nicaraguan refugees. (16) CBN gave the $3 million to the contra’s Houston-based
Nicaraguan Patriotic Association, according to Juan Sacasas, Vice President
of the group and representative of the FDN contra force. (13, 14) Robertson
denies any connection with Sacasas. (14, 17) However, there is little question
that the Operation Blessing donations reached the contra forces. Robertson
was so popular among them that one group named itself the “Pat Robertson
Brigade.” (16) In May, 1984, Pat Robertson solicited U.S. viewers’
contributions for the “freedom fighters” through a special telethon
on The 700Club and simulated mailgrams. (15) An undetermined amount of
CBN aid was delivered to Miskito Indians on the Honduras-Nicaragua border
by AmeriCares/Knights of Malta and the Friends of the Americas (FOA). (14,
13) Louisiana State Representative Louis “Woody” Jenkins (Chairman
of FOA) told The New York Times that “some of the aid…would go to
the refugees and some to the rebels.” (18) Jenkins said in 1985, “I’m
all for the freedom fighters. I want the Sandinistas kicked out of Nicaragua.
That’s one of the main motivations of my work.” (13) At a National
Religious Broadcasters dinner, Jenkins told the audience, “One of
the few groups helping [the refugees through Friends of the Americas] is
Pat Robertson and CBN.” Addressing Robertson seated at the head table,
Jenkins said, “Thank you.” (13) Diane Jenkins, the representative’s
wife and Executive Director of FOA, has solicited funds on The 700 Club
for the FOA’s work on the Nicaraguan border. (19)

Robertson visited contra training camps in Honduras in
June 1985, where he met with top leaders of the FDN and was saluted as
a guest of honor. (20) When allegations of contra-CBN connections arose
in the United States, CBN gave a statement to WCFC-TV, which airs The 700
Club in Chicago, saying in part: “CBN is helping starving and displaced
persons in 15 countries, including some in Central America. The help is
absolutely non-political. Articles claiming support by CBN of the Contras
in Nicaragua are incorrect”, despite the mountains of evidence to
the contrary. (2) At a political fund-raiser in Chicago, Pat Robertson
was asked about CBN’s support for the Contras. He refused to answer directly,
but said, “The fact is that the communists make people suffer. If
that makes it [Operation Blessing] political, then, I’m sorry, we’re still
going to help them.” (17) A refugee worker said that in 1985, a CBN
film team came to a World Relief refugee camp asking for gasoline. “I
told them I would give them the fuel, but not if their vehicle belonged
to the Contras. They said it didn’t. But when they came back a few days
later, they admitted they had lied. The jeep belonged to Misura [contra
forces]. CBN went down to do a story on freedom fighters. They weren’t
interested in refugees.”(13)

In April 1989 Pat Robertson visited Managua to open the
Nicaraguan chapter of CBN’s 700 Club. Robertson’s first stop was the U.S.
embassy.Joseph Coors, (Coors Brewing Co.) wrote to Al Weinrub in the Labor Report
on Central America, “has used the power of the Coors financial dynasty
not only to provide support to the Contras, but to set a right wing political
agenda in the U.S….” (21) Coors who serves on the CBN University
board of Trustees, is a funder and co-founder along with Paul Weyrich of
the Heritage Foundation, which again is a Moon funded organization, filled
with Moon representatives and U.S. intelligence.

Coors supported Lt. Gen. John Singlaub’s U.S. Council
for World Freedom (USCWF), a Moon associated organization, the U.S. chapter
of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), a Moon founded organization.
USCWF and the Nicaraguan Refugee Fund (another Coor’s cause) helped fund
the Nicaraguan Contras. (22) He was on the advisory council of the National
Strategy Information Center, a rightwing think tank for military strategy,
and a member of the secretive Council for National Policy, founded by Tim
LaHaye. His wife Holly was on the CBN University Board of Regents.CBN is a member of The Religious Roundtable, a coalition of business, military,
political, and religious leaders working together to bring Biblical principles
into public policy.(3)

Heritage Foundation

A Moon funded group through Bo Hi Pak. Principals have included William
Simon, Joseph Coors, and trustees have included Former Atty. Gen. Ed Meese.
Both Jack Kemp and Tim LaHaye have also been part of this group.The New York Times in a November 17, 1985 article called it an “aggressively
conservative” organization that has achieved success through a blend
of political advocacy, public relations and job placement services. (1)
Alan Crawford in Thunderon the Right said of Heritage, “It is unusual
for a research institution to have a ‘staff ideology’… [The] founder’s
real interest…appears to be less with balanced public policy research
and more with the provision of support for New Right opinions.” Or
NWO, Moon, Evangelical, U.S. Intelligence opinion. (2) Its analysts study
a wide range of military, foreign policy, economic,and domestic issues
and produce position papers that have reached the top echelons of government,
especially in the Reagan Administration. The New Republic said that the
Heritage Foundation was “the most important think-tank in the nation’s
capital.” (1)

Although the Heritage Foundation has offices only in
the U.S., it produces policy papers that have had tremendous impact on
Washington’s policies and actions in Central America, the Philippines,
Africa and Asia. The foundation’s policy and position papers reach a wide
international market.

The foundation received $2.2 million from the Federation
of Korean Industries in the early 1980s. Initially it was believed this
donation came from the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (which would
make the Heritage Foundation a foreign agent of Korea, also remember that
Bo Hi Pak was Korean CIA and liaison to American CIA, which makes it an
agent of the intelligence community), but the Federation later stated that
the donation came at the encouragement of the KCIA.(3)

In addition to generating numerous conservative policy
suggestions, Heritage Foundation is a very successful public-relations
operation. Heritage’s senior vice president Burton Yale Pines was a former
associate editor of Time magazine and a former journalist. In addition
to its own numerous publications, Heritage articles appear frequently in
The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Newsweek, and are aired
on national television news. (4) Considering Moon owns the Washington Times,
and UPI, this pretty much ties up the media to put forth his propaganda
and that of the intelligence community which are ties in with the evangelical

Ed Meese was quoted as saying that “the Reagan Administration
will rely heavily on the Heritage Foundation.” (5) The Heritage foundation
called for a $35 billion increase in defense spending, using food aid as
a foreign policy weapon, during the Reagan Administration.

Another Heritage Foundation suggestion implemented by
the Reagan administration was an unprecedented build-up of the Pentagon’s
Special Operations Forces (SOF). SOF specialize in the covert operations
of Low Intensity Conflict warfare.

Funding for SOF tripled between 1981 and 1986. (6)Mandate for Leadership II set the tone for Reagan’s second term. In keeping with the mission statement of the foundation, it recommended privatization of social security, the federal highway system, Amtrak, and the postal service; elimination of special educational funding for the handicapped
(because it drained funding from “normal students” and deregulation
of trucking and other regulated industries. (7) It also recommended the
government use “low-intensity” warfare to eliminate communist
threats in nine nations around the globe. (8) As you can see from that
time to now, this has been pursued to the letter, meaning Moon and the
intelligence community, have influenced our national policy, and with the
help of major evangelists, are sinking us ever deeper into their world
order.Mandate for Leadership III, the right’s agenda for the 1990s which focused
on management of the federal bureaucracy, was given to the George Bush
Sr. Administration. (9)

Heritage representatives attended meetings of the militaristic,
rightwing American Security Council’s Tuesday Group. Other attendees included
Lt. Col. Oliver North, then a top aide on the National Security Council
(NSC), and representatives from the Pentagon, State Department, Lynn Bouchey
of the Council for Inter-American Security, former ambassador to Costa
Rica Curtin Winsor, Jr, and Constantine Menges, former head of Latin American
affairs at the NSC. (10) Heritage has further connections to the American Security Council (ASC), through Roger Pearson. (10)Heritage Foundation was responsible for “U.S. Policy and the Marxist Threat to Central America,” by ex-CIA officer Cleto Di Giovanni, which
provided the Reagan Administration with its blueprint for U.S. Central
American policy, particularly in Nicaragua. (11) It called for a return
to the “domino theory,” claimed communism to be the common threat
to Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador, and called for support of the
traditional church, the private sector, unions, and former Nicaraguan national
guardsmen in exile. (12) It recommended continued support of all types
to the anticommunist military and governmental factions in El Salvador
and Guatemala and muting human rights criticisms of those countries. (11)
A second Heritage Foundation recommendation was to conduct a policy of
economic warfare against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. The policy
laid out the course followed by the Reagan administration–a U.S.-financed
contra opposition and pressure on the international community to cut off
trade, loans, and credit. (13) In June 1985, Lewis Lehrman arranged for
a meeting to take place at the Heritage Foundation between Nicaraguan contra
leader Adolfo Calero, Angolan rebel leader Jonas Savimbi, and leaders of
other international “freedom fighting” groups. (14)

President Reagan’s transition team included more than
a dozen Heritage Foundation employees, and many others were hired to fill
important posts in the Executive Branch.(17) Then-Vice President George
Bush dedicated Heritage Foundation’s new office building in 1983. (15)
The late CIA director William Casey was among the initial supporters of
the foundation. (16)

The crossovers between Heritage and the government probably
number in the hundreds. (18) The Heritage Foundation publications include
speeches and position papers of many conservative legislators and members
or former members of the executive branch. (19)

Heritage Foundation also had a close connection with
the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church through its former Director
of Administration, Michael Warder. Warder was a director of the Unification
Church in the United States in 1977. Warder was also secretary of the International
Cultural Foundation, an umbrella organization coordinating a variety of
Moon’s projects. (8) Also the financial ties between Heritage foundation
and Moon are many.

Paul Weyrich, co-founder of Heritage has often acknowledged
that he does not intend to “conserve” anything. “We are
different from previous generations of conservatives,” Weyrich explained.
“We are no longer working to preserve the status quo. We are radicals,
working to overturn the present power structure of the country.” (20)

American Coalition for Traditional Values;

(Last info 1989) Tim LaHaye founded the ACTV. Gary Jarmin, national field
director; William K. Lyons, exec dir, Family Life Seminars. Executive board
includes: Jerry Falwell, James Robison, Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson,
RexHumbard, Colonel Doner. (1)

According to “Separation of Church and State”,
Feb 2002, Tim LaHaye received $10,000 for ACTV from Bo Hi Pak, and then
agreed to sit on the boards of the Christian Voice, and the Coalition of
Religious Freedom. Both of these are Moon funded groups.

Private Connections: Tim LaHaye is married to Beverly
LaHaye of Concerned Women for America (CWA). CWA had Lt. Col. Oliver North
(ret.) speak at their 1985 and 1986 conventions. (2, 3) She also has spoken
at Moon sponsored functions, where she received between $80,000-$150,000
for her troubles. Herb Ellingwood, chair of the Merit Systems Protection
Board and a prominent conservative evangelical, headed the job placement
bank described above. (4) Gary Jarmin is/was also legislative director
of the fundamentalist lobby Christian Voice. (5) ACTV and Christian Voice
worked closely together, and in l985 the two groups moved their bases of
operations to Washington D.C. to coordinate their activities. (1) ACTV
was a member of the RAMBO (Restore a More Benevolent Order) Coalition.
(5) Tim LaHaye has been active both in the Moral Majority and Christian
Voice. He helped to found the Council for National Policy, and has served
as its president (as did Pat Robertson). (6) The Council is an umbrella
group of conservative individuals which promotes a foreign policy agenda
reflecting their objectives. (11)

American Freedom Coalition

The important members have included: Tim LaHaye, Paul Crouch, Hal Lindsey,
Rex Humbard, James Robinson, Dr D. James Kennedy, Hon. Richard H. Ichord,
chair; Robert G. Grant, pres; Dr. Ralph David Abernathy, vice-pres. Richard
Viguerie, secretary. National Policy Board includes: Lt. Gen. Daniel Graham,
Donald Sills, Religious Task Force dir; Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub, Dan
Fefferman, editor of American Freedom Journal, Lt. Gen. Gordon Sumner (USA-ret.).
(1, 2, 3)Most all of these men have been shown to have strong ties with Rev. Moon
organizations and the intelligence community.

The American Freedom Coalition, or AFC, is a political
education and lobbying group which was founded in April 1987. Calling itself
a “supra-coalition”, the group claimed some 300,000 members in
all 50 states by February 1988. (4, 6) The AFC represents an attempt to
unite political conservatives and conservative religious groups and individuals
behind a common campaign. According to AFC president Robert Grant, the
AFC was formed because of the “inability of the ‘Christian Right’
to achieve its agenda, because of its fragmentation and its failure to
build coalitions with its philosophical allies from other communities…”
(4) to preserve and promote what it describes as traditional values.

The AFC produces the American Freedom Journal, a monthly
newspaper. Among contributors to the Journal have been former Reagan aide
Patrick Buchanan, former Attorney General Ed Meese, the American Enterprise
Institute’s Ben Wattenberg, and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
Jeane Kirkpatrick. (3)The AFC calls for support of “freedom fighters,” in countries
such as Afghanistan, and Nicaragua. (5) In terms of U.S. foreign policy,
the AFC believes the United States should, in the words of Steven Trevino,
take the “lead for the Free World with regards to improving the human
condition.” (7)

At the leadership levels in both the national office
and state chapters, the American Freedom Coalition is closely tied to the
Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. The Washington Post (March 30,
1988) has even described the AFC as a “Moon-sponsored lobbying group.”

AFC President Robert Grant has said that he hoped to “recruit a broad base” from his contacts with CAUSA, a political arm of Rev. Moon’s Unification Church. (4) Grant has said that he solicited Phillip Sanchez, president of Moon’s CAUSA USA, and Bo Hi Pak (Moon’s #1 man and Korean CIA and liaison to American CIA), president of CAUSA Intl,
for support for AFC. Sanchez and Pak agreed to help AFC. The two CAUSA
leaders also granted the services of several CAUSA members to help in the
Washington D.C. office of the AFC.'(4) ‘According to Grant, state AFC chapters
are headed by the state directors of the Moon funded lobby group “Christian
Voice” and the American Constitution Committee (ACC), a CAUSA project.
(4) Grant, founder and chairman of the evangelical lobby Christian Voice,
said the AFC has about 65 CAUSA/ACC employees across the United States.
Current and former members of the American Freedom Coalition have said
that the majority of AFC administrative officers, including the executive
director, administrative director, and publications editor–are members
of the Unification Church and have been principals in CAUSAand ACC. (4)
In a December 1987 Knight-Ridder article, Grant said that Moon’s CAUSA
could veto AFC state board members.(7)

Among its most prominent activities have been its fundraising
efforts on behalf of former National Security Council aide, Oliver North.
One special project of the American Freedom Coalition was its “Emergency
Project to Support Colonel North’s Freedom Fight in Central America.”
The group put together a television special on North entitled “Fight
for Freedom.” (8) It also hoped to mobilize popular support for North’s
cause in order to create pressure on President Reagan to pardon North.
(8, 9) Between October 1987 and April 1988, the group had purchased airtime
in 180 television markets to air its pro-North video. During that time
it also collected some 600,000 signatures supporting North.(10) Perhaps
they considered North and his links too important to lose. At both the
national and state levels, the AFC has conducted campaigns to renew funding
for the Nicaraguan Contras. (11)

Like Grant, Donald Sills is associated with the Coalition
for Religious Freedom. (8) Sills is president of the group. Joseph Paige
and Cleon Skousen are members of the Coalition’s executive committee. (12)
The Coalition for Religious Freedom has reportedly received $500,000 from
Sun Myung Moon sources. (13) Eldon Rudd, former Congressman from Arizona,
is a fundamentalist and an ex-FBI agent. (14) Rudd is also a member of
the U.S. Council for World Freedom (USCWF), as are John Singlaub, Daniel
Graham,John LeBoutillier, and J.A. Parker. The USCWF is the current U.S.
chapter of Rev. Moon’s World Anti-Communist League. (15, 16) Singlaub is
the head of that organization, and Graham is its vice-chairman. Graham
and Singlaub have also been (and may still be) co-chairmen of the Coalition
for Peace through Strength, a project of the American Security Council.
(15, 16)

The American Freedom Coalition has provided financial and other assistance to the Nicaraguan contra-support work of Rev. Moon’s Christian Emergency Relief Team (CERT) International. In one such effort, the AFC attempted to get television appearances on morning talk shows for a Miskito Indian who worked with CERT. (17) The AFC also gave money to Moon’s CERT, an evangelical relief assistance organization which has been
taking over CAUSA’s humanitarian aid work in Honduras. (17, 18) In California,
the AFC and Christian Voice co-sponsor a monthly “California Leadership
Forum.” In South Carolina, the Vietnam Institute and AFC jointly sponsored
a benefit for Oliver North. (19) The U.S. Global Strategy Council, headed
by Steven Trevino, has ties to the Unification Church and CAUSA through
Arnaud deBorchgrave and retired Gen. David Woellner. (16) De Borchgrave
is editor of the Washington Times, a newspaper owned by the Unification
Church. Woellner is (or was) president of CAUSA World Services. (16)

The Rev. Moon has said that he wants to form a Christian political party that would encompass all religious groups. (20) Members of the American Freedom Coalition like civil-rights veterans Ralph Abernathy and James Bevel have become champions for Moon and his followers. Abernathy, for instance, has compared criticisms of Moon to injustices suffered by blacks in the United States, this is a very sad affront to every African-American.

An affront to every American. An affront to every Christian. Parts 1 and 2 of this series have already examined the membership of the Religious Roundtable and Tim LaHaye’s CNP, as well as their ties with the Rev. Moon and the U.S. Intelligence community. These
2 are the largest and most powerful as to these connections and were a driving force as well in the toppling of Central American Governments.They seem to be a hub to these other groups though in some cases they are relatively newer groups. The men chairing the Roundtable and the CNP are the same men who head the National Religious Broadcasters, and the several other groups we have just examined which brought down Governments, allegedly operated smuggling operations, were used as fronts for CIA infiltration, and were responsible for helping to restructuring the governments of the
nations they helped to bring down.This article has presented facts to show the connections bringing in the NWO, by concentrating solely upon Honduras and Nicaragua for the sake of brevity, but be aware that their tentacles have reached much further.They have been involved to the same extent, and in the same ways, Guatemala,
El Salvador, Afghanistan, The Soviet Block before and after its fall, Ethiopia,
and nearly every other nation whose Government has fallen in the last 20
years.If anyone has firsthand information concerning the involvement of these
groups in the areas discussed in this 3rd part of the Unholy Alliance please
email me at

Notes & References:

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