British Jews Tried To Stop The Balfour Declaration

Here’s one for those of you who are still afraid that to deny the political state of Israel equivalent to being anti-Semitic. More about the: Balfour Document. (above, Edwin Montagu, a hero for assimilated Jews)  One hundred years ago, Jewish MP Edwin Montagu accused the British government of anti-Semitism for colluding with the … Read More

The Trump Tower

It seems like everywhere we turn, we find the Babylonian mystery religion, and the mystery of iniquity at work around us. While I don’t agree with some of the doctrinal views on Watchman’s Cry (“End Times prophecy”), Nathan Leal put some extensive research into this and I found it to … Read More

Communism & the NWO are Based on Judaism

Ever wondered why? Why would people want to enslave other people? What was the incredible driving force behind the creation of the Communist system? Of course, tyranny is as old as time and we know it’s true author, but according to Israel Shahak, Communism and the planned global Communistic Government … Read More

The Globe Earth Lie(?)

About a year ago my friend Dan Dapper encouraged me to look into the flat earth theory. I did some reading, watched a few videos and found the subject compelling but I thought it might be a “red herring” argument. I didn’t see what the big deal about the shape … Read More

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