Chemtrail Circles: Crazy Pilots/Mad Passengers?

Chemtrail Circles: Crazy Pilots/Mad Passengers?

Video by John Knox  1/17/18


  1. Hello everyone, if you are awake and you have noticed changes in the way we as humans are evolving than everyone needs to start REALLY WAKING UP to these strange anomalies everyone else is WAKING UP TO. What I mean by that turn off your television sets and go online and SEE what’s really happening and then ask WHAT IS GOING ONLINE? Once you ask your self that question than you are AWAKING TO WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS DOING to us HUMANS around the GLOBE and the signs you need to be WAKING UP TO!!! So get off the couch and start being proactive volunteering for the cause to STOP this MADDNESS. RIRECTED ENERGY WEPONOLOGY MILITARISM CONTROL OF ALL USES NESSESARY TO WIPE POPULATIONS TOTAL EXTERMINATION CONTROLLING THE WEATHER O THE MEDICATIONS AVAILABLE TO STRIP OURSELVES OF OUR VERY SOULS.. EVERYONE SHOULD PROTECT THEM SELVES NOW BEFORE IT’s TOO LATE. START GOING ONLINE AND FIGHT OFF THIS EVIL TAKE OVER BY THOSE THAT WANT TO DESTROY EVERY”THING ” HUMANITY. IT IS REAL AND IS COMING QUICK!!!

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