Flat Earth Man Live! Welcome to the Satellite Hoax – acoustic version

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Hope y’all enjoy this little live acoustic performance of “Welcome to the Satellite Hoax”

Flat Earth Man knows that orbiting satellites are a myth..

Welcome to the Satellite Hoax!


Well I know it’s a really hard pill to take

When somebody says that satellites could be fake

But don’t you find it a little suspicious

That you can’t find any real satellite pictures

It might be hard to be believed

But maybe we’re all being deceived

If you think you’ve seen one up in the sky

Uh uh, you can’t see em with the naked eye

Coz a satellite is about the size of a car

At least 300 miles away you can’t see that far whatever those dots are that move in the night

I’m telling you that ain’t no satellite


Welcome to the satelite hoax Just another one of them NASA jokes

You can’t find me a picture of a satellite

Without bringing up a bunch of that CGI

Just a bunch of cartoons all over the place

When I search satellites in space

Yeah type that phrase into google folks

And let me welcome you to the satellite hoax

Now before all of ya’ll start getting pissed

I ain’t saying that satellites don’t exist

I’m saying that it’s theoretically absurd

To think these devices orbit the earth

Coz I’ve seen em hanging from big balloons

Even google’s doing it too now man

(Have you seen that, yeah go check out project loon)

And every now and then a satellite crashes

But that information never gets to the masses

Coz then you’ll find out how these things really work

They’re just on balloons man they don’t orbit the earth

Coz once upon a time one crashed

In Brazil With the balloon attached to it still


How can satellites be in the thermosphere

When the temperature up there is way too severe

How can that type of equipment survive

How comes those satellites aren’t burned alive

I’m telling you man it’s just a pack of lies

There ain’t no orbiting satellites

Because 99 percent of our communication

Comes from undersea cables and cell tower stations

And GPS is ground based too man

Go check out a system called loran

It’s a military system for navigation

That uses ground towers to track your location

Are you seeing it yet?


See tesla figured out how to communicate

Without the need for satellites in space

It’s mostly ground based towers you see

And that’s how you get your “satellite tv”

They’ve monetised what Tesla made for free

With their, with their fake satellite industry

It was Arthur C Clark that theorised these things

These sci fi boxes with solar wings

Another Freemason it’s no surprise

They make science fiction and they monetise

They’ve stolen teslas technology

And they get you to pay for your tv

Are you seeing it now people?!


So next time you see a photo of the earth from space

Look for satellites you won’t find a trace

They musta disappeared I guess

Can’t even see any from the ISS

If you wanna have yourself a little enjoyment

Go watch a NASA satellite deployment

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