?!? Is The Earth Flat ?!?

Here’s something I never thought I’d give a second thought to.  I know how “out there” it sounds, but before you roll your eyes… just check it out. The flat earthers make some interesting points about how the globe model gives the enemy a great advantage at deceiving humanity.

YouTube video

Rob Skiba Exposes the Flat Earth Conspiracy: Why Would They Keep it Secret?

YouTube video

View the entire interview here:

The Flat-Earth Conspiracy by Eric Dubay –
The Flat Earth Bible: Debunking NASA in just over 3 minutes (2016 Edition) by Brett Salisbury –
The Flat Earth & Genesis by Gerry Burney –
Satellites are a Hoax & The Earth is Flat (Easily Proven): 2016 Updated 2nd Edition by Brett Salisbury –
Map of the Square and Stationary Earth. 16.5 X 24 Inches –

YouTube video

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