More Flat Earth TV/Movie Programming … Divide and Confuse

FE=Flat Earth

Plane Not A Planet

All Psyops Folks. FE exposure on TV increasing.  There is no way possible that the top shill for NASA, Neil Disgrace Tyson would go on Comedy Central to debunk a fringe rapper, B.O.B. in 2016. Now the FE subject is coming out regularly.

All Psyops, to get another controversy like #Blacklivesmatter and LBGT and Vaxxed vs. Vaccine, etc. out to further divide to conquer. They also used Charlie Sheen to speak out on Larry King about 9/11 way back when…. All by design to mind control the sheeple…yet they are also letting FE out of the bag to enlighten any individual wishing to investigate our alternative realities.

YouTube video

YouTube video

And here is a new break down from ODD TV….he says he watched it 5 times?

YouTube video

And the only one pumping out the news like this is Russian Vid…just as Russia becomes a major issue in the US???…I like Russian Vid and he does great work, but why the name Russian Vids???? Is everything the Truman show?

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