More Footage of the Merciless Attack Against Californians (I Refuse to Call Them Wildfires)

Neighborhoods are completely DECIMATED.
How can anyone believe this was caused by a wildfire?

Where are the BODIES? The lack of bodies found in the rubble is reminiscent of 9/11.

If Donald Trump is trying to make America great again, why is he allowing the US military to attack their own people, why is he SILENT on chemtrails, smart meters, 5G and this mass murder? I can’t remember a time when people in the US were more divided and angry.

The Bilderberg Meeting this year included “The Post Truth World” and “Populism” in its list of topics. The PTB are planning on an uprising.

Precious believer, we need to draw near to Jesus. “Redeeming the times because the days are evil.” – Eph 5:16

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