Nazi Occultism, UFOs and Operation MKULTRA


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Walter Stein, a native of Venice and an British intelligence agent, spent many years studying the occult in Germany during the 1920s and 30s. There he became well acquainted with a fellow student of the arcane arts, Adolph Hitler. Stein followed Hitler’s occult involvement very closely, schooled himself from the same texts. Hence, Stein became the world’s foremost authority on Nazi Occult activity outside of the party itself.

Stein soon became frantic over developments in Germany. Hitler’s rise to power coincided directly with his initiation into The Secret Doctrine, a gathering of the most elite and powerful Mages in the world. Further, the core of the Nazi party leadership was dominated bypowerful occultists. Stein realized that although they had studied occultism together, Hitler had traveled down the shadowed path of dark magic. Stein knew that Hitler’s admission into The Doctrine could be disastrous for all those who opposed him. With this power and a cadre of dark mystics, Nazi Germany had a secret weapon the Allied forces would be ill-prepared to meet.

The Nazi mystics sensed Walter Stein’s presence, and in 1933 he fled to England, narrowly escaping forced service into Germany’s Nazi Occult Bureau. Upon arriving in England, Stein warned Winston Churchill of the impending danger posed by Hitler’s indoctrination. It was clear that action must be taken to either quell Nazi progress in matters Arcane or find a way to match it. Stein had further grim news, however. Stein had uncovered evidence while spying on the Nazis that Hitler’s English intelligence network was alarmingly extensive. There was little chance of an English counter-occult program remaining hidden from Nazi spies. Churchill had no choice but to contact President Roosevelt and ask the Americans for help. Churchill arranged a meeting between the crippled President and Stein.

Roosevelt was skeptical, but decided to leave no stone unturned in his efforts to defeat the Nazis. Less than a week after Walter Stein’s meeting with Roosevelt, one of the President’s most trusted advisors was placed at his disposal. Stein was charged with the creation of an organization whose purpose was to monitor and analyze Nazi Occult activity. Most importantly, the group was to devise counter-measures in the event that mundane firepower alone could not stop Hitler. This group became known among it’s participants as The Watch. The Watch was an eclectic collection of individuals whose only common thread was power and influence. Stein was the group’s unofficial leader. Roosevelt’s advisor acted as the president’s proxy. Eleven other members brought the total to thirteen. Most of the original thirteen were high-ranking Military Intelligence officers or scientists, the most notable exceptions being a Catholic Arch bishop and a powerful and respected U.S. Senator. FDR kept the existence of The Watch completely secret, even from the American government and military, to avoid the inevitable public backlash in the event that government-sanctioned occult research ever be uncovered.

Despite the doubts of President Roosevelt, over the next decade the Watch was consistently and horrifyingly successful. Only Stein was unshaken by discoveries that threatened the sanity of the other members of The Watch. The conspirators used their authority and positions to fund and conduct research into the occult, gradually expanding to all areas of paranormal and psychic investigation. The accomplishments of The Watch’s occult and psychic research allowed them to undertake several successful missions that kept the Axis occult power in check. The Watch’s wartime operations included the assassination, by both mundane and arcane means, of several leading Nazi occultists and the recovery of certain artifacts of mystical significance, including the famed Spear of Destiny. By 1945, The Watch had become extremely powerful organization, and yet remained completely hidden from the world.

The end of the World War II was in large part due to the success of The Watch’s endeavors in destroying Nazi occult power. That ultimate success also meant the loss of the primary impetus for the Watch’s activities. As usual with any powerful and motivated group, however, The Watch soon found another Focus. From the debriefing of Axis scientists and review of German military records, the conspirators learned that accounts by Allied airmen of mysterious German experimental aircraft, dubbed “Foo Fighters”, were erroneous. Axis command records revealed that Luftwaffe pilots reported identical craft, and assumed them to be Allied experimental aircraft. This evidence, coupled with similar reports uncovered from accounts during World War I and earlier, convinced the Watch that the phenomena of Unidentified Flying Objects deserved attention and investigation. While continuing its occult and parapyschology research, The Watch redirected a large part of its manpower and resources toward the study of UFOs and their possible source. It would not have long to wait for answers.

By 1947, UFO sightings had become more frequent. The U. S. government and military decided to institute new programs todiscretely investigate these strange phenomenon. Monitoring these investigations, unseen, was The Watch.

The Roswell Incident

March 17, Cascade Mountain Range, Oregon:

The Watch’s parapsychology team gathers a group of psychics together in a research center in the Cascade Mountains. The team was to test the range of their psychic abilities by attempting to contact a similar group in New England. The experiment yields spectacular but unexpected results. Contact is made, not with the target team, but instead with strange, unearthly minds. The contact lasts only thirteen seconds, but that brief time would change the course of history. Although they could make out little of what they mentally encountered, the psychics become certain of one thing: extraterrestrial life is present on Earth.

July 1, White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico:

During the flight monitoring of a V-2 rocket fitted with advanced guidance systems, radar stations begin to track a UFO moving over the missile range erratically, but under apparent intelligent control.


July 2, White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico:

Under direct orders of Brigadier General Martin Scanlon, a 24-hour radar vigil is established to track the object. Through a contact in General Scanlon’s staff, The Watch learns of the developing situation.


July 3, White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico:

The Watch convenes to decide on a course of action. Two options arise from the discussion. Some members of The Watch believe that the crew of the UFO could becontacted telepathically, using knowledge gathered from the March 17 contact and subsequent research. They propose that The Watch open a line of communication with the aliens and attempt a peaceful exchange of information. They are opposed by those members of Watch overwhelmingly concerned with the danger posed by an unknown intelligent extraterrestrial race. They recommend shooting the craft down and analyzing the technology, so that when later communications are initiated, something is known of the aliens. After a long and heated debate, a narrow majority decides to attempt peaceful communication. The mission is designated Operation Dove. The research team of parapsychologists and psychics in the Cascade Mountain research center is enlisted. They establish a base of operations on an isolated mesa in the New Mexico desert. Complete consensus had not been reached within The Watch. Those who opposed Operation Dove, convinced of the folly of contacting extraterrestrial unprepared, form a second team. This rogue group secretly meets and initiates Operation Pigeon Shoot.


July 4, White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico:

While the Dove team waits on the mesa top for the UFO to reappear, Operation Pigeon Shoot readies itself in secret on the far side of the missile range. A V-2 rocket with the experimental guidance system is hastily reprogrammed and loaded with high explosives. The exact order of the events that follow is unclear. The following account of the incident has been reconstructed from the chaotic records that remain. At 21:18 (local time), radar contact is re-established with the UFO that had been tracked over the last four days. As the Dove psychics attempt to contact the crew of the craft mentally, Pigeon Shoot finalizes their preparations and awaits the launch command. A few minutes later, the alien craft appears to notice the psychics efforts, stops and hovers within sight of the mesa. Encouraged, the psychics redoubled their efforts. Presented with the stationary target they hoped for, the Pigeon Shoot team launches the rocket. Three events appear to have occurred nearly simultaneously. First, the psychics succeed in contacting the alien minds in the UFO. Second, the V-2 rocket detonates on the hull of the ship. Third, an intense psychic assault devastates the assembled psychics. The ship immediately begins to accelerate away at an incredible speed, but is fatally damaged. The craft touches ground once, gouging the earth and scattering debris over a large stretch of a ranch near Roswell. Several miles later, it crashes into a cliff side.


July 5, Roswell, New Mexico:

Prepared, in fact hoping, for this eventuality, Operation Pigeon Shoot springs into action. By dawn the next day, the final crash site is located and a recovery team is dispatched. The recovery team loads the wreckage, including four alien bodies, onto trucks for transport to Roswell Army Air Base for temporary storage. At Roswell, the wreckage is packed away and loaded onto cargo planes for transport to Fort Worth Army Air Field. By nightfall the day after the crash, some of the wreckage arrives at Fort Worth. The Watch’s influence in the military allows the Pigeon Shoot team to operate freely at the Roswell and Fort Worth without fear of questioning. Although it is obvious to the soldiers stationed there that something was afoot, none ask any questions. While Operation Pigeon Shoot secures the alien wreckage, Operation Dove attempts to salvage what they could of their team. Of the nine psychics who attempted to make contact, two die almost immediately of cardiac arrest and brain hemorrhaging. Another actually bursts into flame. A fourth slips into permanent catatonia. Three more soon develop debilitating psychoses. Only two survive with their sanity intact. After nearly a full day of damage control and debriefing, the Dove leaders realize they have been betrayed by other members of The Watch. Moving quickly, the remnants of Operation Dove pull themselves together and attempt to outmaneuver their new enemies. Using what military pull they could immediately muster, and aided by a little psychic sleight-of-hand, Dove manages to redirect one of the cargo planes heading for Fort Worth to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. There, a Dove team secures the cargo. Unbeknownst to either group, the chaos at Roswell hid the actions of yet another group of Watch members. These individuals, some of the most powerful of the founding members of The Watch, learn of the split in their group and are dismayed. They commandeer another of the cargo flights and take the shipment to Washington, DC. They make certain that the shipment they appropriate includes an alien corpse and an impressive amount of crash debris. The group, the plane and the cargo mysteriously vanishes. A very long time would pass before any hint of their whereabouts would arise.


July 6, Roswell, New Mexico:

By 03:00 the day after the crash, all Watch personnel had been evacuated from Roswell Air Base and White Sands Proving Ground, believing that all traces of the crash had been recovered. All are mistaken. While patrolling his property that morning, a local rancher, Mack Brazel, finds the trough and debris left when the craft touched down briefly before crashing. Later in the day, he calls the Roswell sheriff to report his find. The sheriff in turn calls Captain Jesse Marcel at the Roswell Air Base, thinking the wreckage is the result of a military test. Captain Marcel investigates the touchdown site, patrols the trench and gathers some of the debris. He loads up his jeep with debris and returns to the Base. The Base Commander, visions of promotion dancing in his head, issues a press release that the Army had recovered the wreckage of a UFO. This news reaches the Operation Dove team at Wright-Patterson AFB. A few well-placed calls are made, and Captain Marcel and the debris are immediately summoned to Wright-Patterson. Part of the Operation Dove team returns to Roswell to oversee the recovery of the debris at the ranch.


July 7, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio:

Under orders from Operation Dove, General Roger Ramey, the Commanding Officer of Wright-Patterson, holds a press conference in which the Roswell press release and its officers are portrayed as fools for having misidentified a weather balloon as a UFO. The embarrassed Captain Marcel is ordered to pose holding fragments of a weather balloon claimed to be the recovered debris. In Roswell, Operation Dove agents finish cleaning up the debris field and escort rancher Brazel to the Roswell Base for three days of questioning.


July 8, Roswell, New Mexico:

The debris collected from the ranch is sent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.


July 9, Roswell, New Mexico:

Mack Brazel is released from custody at the Roswell Base and soon appears on a local radio show to confess. He explains that the UFO story was a hoax and that he knew the wreckage was just a balloon all along. The combination of this “confession” and the Watch’s pressure on other witnesses keeps the incident under control. The American public accepts the story and the Roswell crash remains all but forgotten for over forty years…

In the aftermath of Operation Pigeon Shoot’s betrayal of its comrades in Operation Dove, The Watch splits into two distinct groups. The stated purpose of both groups was the protection of the human race from the predation of extraterrestrial and supernatural forces. Beyond that, the two organizations developed diametrically opposed.



The remnants of Operation Dove regrouped at Wright-Patterson AFB and set up a temporary center of operations. In an attempt to avoid a recurrence of the damage caused by Pigeon Shoot’s treachery, a new organizational pattern was imposed. The new organization, modeled after the secret mystical societies of Europe, was composed of small independent groups or “Cells”. The original founding group became the master Cell and selected members for the first generation of Cells. Each offshoot Cell had only a single contact to the “parent” Cell, whose true identity remained unknown. These Cells in turn recruited members into “child” Cells as necessary,and the process continued until an extensive network was established. The Cell structure minimized the information that could be revealed inthe event hostile forces infiltrated or uncovered any particular Cell. Were this to happen, only the “child” Cell and its contact to the “parent” Cell would be compromised. The new organization, which continues to this day, was given the name Aegis, after Zeus’ magic shield in Greek mythology. The Operation Dove members who formed Aegis’ original “master” Cell came to be called Aegis Prime.

The Black Book


At the same time Aegis was forming, the members of Operation Pigeon Shoot started construction on a secret underground base in the New Mexico desert. This base was to become the research center and headquarters of a covert project within the U.S. military, answerable to no government authority and unknown to all but its agents and a few highly placed officials, who assured that any investigation was curtailed. The project was funded exclusively through the portion of the U.S. military budget assigned to covert or “Black” projects, leading the project’s secret sponsor in the U.S. Senate to refer to it as The Black Book.

Relations between Aegis and The Black Book


Despite the original common purpose of Aegis and The Black Book, the circumstances leading to the division of The Watch resulted in a great deal of animosity between the two organizations. This enmity was heightened as the Focus of The Black Book slowly drifted away from the protection of the human race and toward the acquisition of alien technology and knowledge by any means necessary. The Book’s Military-Industrial Complex backers demanded concrete returns on their investment of time, power and monies. To this end, The Book began making deals with extraterrestrial; working with them, rather than against them. Over the years, the alliance between The Black Book and both the Greys and the Saurians grew very powerful. Aegis took a much harder stance on human-alien communication, in response to the disastrous results of Operation Dove. Because of the close ties between the extraterrestrial and The Black Book, Aegis came to view The Black Book as just as much of a threat as the aliens themselves.

The 1950s: Smoke and Mirrors


The 1950s were an important period of growth for Aegis. Strong ties within the American intelligence community allowed Aegis Prime to create a number of powerful first generation Cells. These Cells were composed of high ranking officers from various agencies, giving Aegis Prime access to a large pool of information and resources. These Cells formed the backbone of the Aegis organization and established a strong foothold in the military and intelligence community, in particular the newly created U. S. Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency.

During the CIA’s creation, Aegis Prime made certain that Aegis operatives were placed in key positions throughout the new organization. The newly commissioned agency was to become Aegis’ primary powerbase in the intelligence community, complimenting the military resources gained through the similar “guidance” Aegis Prime provided to the fledgling United States Air Force. The CIA soon became Aegis’ single largest source of operatives and information. The free reign given to the new agency by the U. S. government allowed Aegis operatives to work under the auspices of the CIA without fear ofinvestigation.

Capitalizing on Cold War paranoia and rumors that Red China and the Soviet Union were achieving incredible results in their research into “brain-washing” techniques, the Central Intelligence Agency commenced research programs on mind control and human behavior modification. Aegis operatives monitored the programs, waiting to step in and take control of any that began to produce useful results. Should such results occur, the operatives would intercept and falsify reports to the CIA Inspector General so that only failure or very limited success would be revealed. In this manner, Aegis subverted any successful program’s resources, and transferred the knowledge and further research to their benefit. Not all successful projects were “secured” by Aegis Cells, however. Some projects lacked properly positioned agents, others were just too distasteful. Still others were cancelled without warning or explanation, or ended with the sudden disappearance or death of a key researcher. These mysterious events lead Aegis to conclude that at least some ofthe CIA’s secret mind control projects ended up in the hands of The Black Book.

The<br />
Manchurian CandidateThe fear of Communist superiority in any area provided a smokescreen and apparent motive for a wide range of behavior modification projects conducted by the CIA. Early projects such as BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE concentrated on a few specific techniques, most commonly mind-altering drugs, hypnosis and brain surgery. These projects resulted in some impressive successes, but the most ambitious and successful project by far was MKULTRA.

The MKULTRA Project was in fact several research projects combined into one. Widely disparate subjects were being investigated, such as psychoactive drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, cerebral implants, microwave radiation, Extra Sensory Perception and brainwashing through cult indoctrination. Most of these topics had been studied previously, and MKULTRA broke little new ground in each field independently. What made MKULTRA so successful was its study of the interaction and combination of these varied disciplines. These experiments yielded the MKULTRA team two very impressive programs.

Through a combination of cerebral implants, psychoactive drugs and microwave transmitters, the MKULTRA scientists were able to create hidden split personalities. The test subjects were completely unaware of their condition and exhibited normal, obedient behavior until the introduction of a triggering stimulus, often via radio or microwave transmission. The triggering stimulus induced a trance-like state in which the subjects would carry out preprogrammed orders without hesitation or question. After the mission or task was completed, the subject would revert back to a normal state, completely unaware of actions taken while in the induced trance. These individuals were often used as covert assassins or couriers, unaware of their own role and therefore nearly undetectable.

MKULTRA’s experimentation involving parapsychology led another research group to develop a strong psychic Warfare (Psi-War) program. These parapsychologists took individuals who showed an aptitude for extra-sensory perception and subjected them to a regimen of psychoactive drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation and advanced meditation techniques. The result was a group of powerful psychics capable of impressive feats of psychic power in several disciplines. Unfortunately, the treatments often left the psychics addicts, insane, or worse.

The Psi-War program in particular caught the attention of Aegis operatives within the CIA. They prepared to take control of the MKULTRA project by the usual means. Before this power shift could be fully realized, however, rumors of the MKULTRA project and specifically the Psi-War program found their way to the public and the news media. Public outrage caused a Congressional investigation during which the CIA downplayed the success of the program and emphasized that the subjects were all volunteers, which was not, in many cases, true. The investigation caused the official end of the MKULTRA project in 1963. But as was often the case, the project lived on, hidden from the public, and exempt from congressional inquires or other governmental accounting. The new MKULTRA project remains to this day wholly under Aegis control.

As more and more Americans reported UFO sighting in the early 50s, the military’s official denial of the phenomenon became increasingly suspect. Such categorical denial quickly became as much a cause of speculation as the origin of the UFOs. In 1952, the U.S. Air Force gave in to the public pressure to “do something” about UFOs and created Project BLUEBOOK, an official Air Force investigation into such reports. Given its subject matter, BLUEBOOK soon came to be entirely, although secretly, controlled by Aegis. It was Aegis’ intention to use BLUEBOOK as a smoke screen for Aegis operations and as a source for public disinformation.

To reduce the possibility of a link being discovered between Project BLUEBOOK and Aegis, the BLUEBOOK staff contained no Aegis operatives. BLUEBOOK was a legitimate and official Air Force project, although Aegis made certain that the personnel chosen for the project were predisposed toward skepticism of the phenomenon.

The primary instrument of Aegis’ control over the BLUEBOOK was another Air Force project completely hidden from the public eye, Project MOONDUST. Project MOONDUST was created in 1953 and charged with “the retrieval and exploitation of crashed foreign spacecraft”. Within top military circles, MOONDUST’s stated purpose was the recovery and examination of downed Soviet and Eastern Bloc spacecrafts and satellites, but the MOONDUST charter clearly made it responsible for the recovery of extraterrestrial spacecraft as well. For this role it was exploited heavily by Aegis, and was staffed almost exclusively by Aegis personnel. All UFO reports were filtered through Project MOONDUST before transmission to Project BLUEBOOK, and only those reports deemed of little significance or validity were passed on.

At the end of its study, Project BLUEBOOK concluded that there was in fact no substantial evidence to support claims that UFOs were anything but misidentified terrestrial crafts, weather phenomena orhallucinations. The Project’s report was widely accepted by the populace and proved quite effective at undermining the credibility of those UFO reports that followed.

National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena

As always, there were those who were not convinced by BLUEBOOK’s investigations and who saw the final BLUEBOOK report as the disinformation it was. Many of these people investigated UFOs and related phenomena on their own, attempting to uncover the truth and form their own conclusions. The most dangerous of these truth-seekers formed civilian investigative groups to better share information and resources. Fortunately for Aegis, these groups were often much too eager to recruit new members for their own good. Aegis Cells had little trouble infiltrating the organizations, subverting what information they managed to uncover, and guaranteeing that they never got too close to important information. Many of these groups were much more interested in finding evidence to support their pet theories than conducting serious investigations. This made them ideal mouth pieces for Aegis lies, and further degraded the credibility of all such organizations.

One civilian organization stood apart from the majority. This group could not be easily dismissed given the credibility of its membership. In 1956, Navy physicist Thomas Brown founded NICAP, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, an Unidentified Flying Objects and related events study group. Although NICAP was a civilian organization and contained many well-known civilian UFOlogists, a disturbingly large number of members were retired Air Force and CIA personnel. The Aegis operatives who were monitoring the group became acutely aware that many of the NICAP members had secret agendas. The operatives learned that some NICAP members were reporting back to groups within the CIA and other Intelligence Community organizations. Other members seemed to be working for an organization or organizations that Aegis could not identify. Due to the extent of NICAP’s infiltration by agents from outside organizations with unknown objectives, little of the data it managed to collect can be trusted. Also, Aegis’ inability to identify all the organizations operating within NICAP made Aegis Prime more paranoid than ever. Despite all this, NICAP served Aegis as a fertile ground for recruiting well-connected operatives and Cells.

During the 50’s, Aegis often uncovered evidence that secret organizations, other than The Black Book, were at work within the US government. The most puzzling document discovered by a Cell within the CIA described the creation of a secret organization charged within vestigating UFOs and alien phenomena in response to a “flying saucer” crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The document detailed that group’s members including high level government and military officials and respected scientists, and that its designation was The Majestic 12. The document, while superficially convincing, was plagued with errors that undermined its credibility. To those familiar with the actual events at Roswell, it was obviously a work of disinformation. Still, the events described in the MJ-12 document were uncomfortably close to the actual events, and the composition of the fictitious MJ-12 was reasonably close to that of The Watch. Aegis believed that either the writers of the document knew at least partially what really happened at Roswell, or were being fed information by someone who did. But the questions remained, who wrote the document and what were their intentions? Unable to determine if the document represented the discovery of themselves or The Watch or neither, Aegis destroyed the MJ-12 document and waited. They observed no reaction and the document did not immediately reappear. Aegis Prime grew even more paranoid.



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