The Planets Lie: Fallen Angels Deception from our Enclosed Flat Earth

The Planets Lie: Fallen Angels Deception from our Enclosed Flat Earth

UPDATE FEB 23. 2017

Angels are called “stars” in the bible Job 38:7Revelation 1:20Isaiah 14:12, and I find that fascinating in relation to the flat theory, but after extensive research on the book of Enoch, I want to make it clear that I do not endorse it as an extra-biblical source of reliable information. Enoch is a Jewish mystical book, that presents the occult narrative on too many levels for my comfort. I think at the very least it serves to convolute scripture and the gospel story. With that disclaimer, and with reservations, I keep this video up. I welcome your comments.

The planets are not what you think they are. One of the greatest deceptions is what NASA and Science has led you to believe. Think planets are something you can land on and explore?

The Bible describes the stars as stones of fire. The Book of 1 Enoch refers to the stars (and Sun and Moon) collectively as luminaries. Enoch describes the stars as intelligent living creatures. We have been lied to about planets. All throughout history they were considered wandering stars and the Bible and Enoch plainly tells us that the wandering stars (planets) are a form of angelic beings. Enoch tells us that seven of them disobeyed God, and left their prescribed courses; these are the wandering stars – for this, they are punished (Jude 1:13, 1 Enoch 18:12-16; 20:4) It just so happens that we have 7 so called planets in our solar system. Look at their names, explore this history of astrology and when you see that science and spirituality are connected to deceive mankind you will wake up to the truth of God’s word.

Monkey Man Science is all part of the great deception coming to the world but it goes a lot deeper than most people think. They need their space and the universe theory to destroy God in peoples minds & trick the world of aliens that will soon come to help mankind. Don’t believe the Lies. Read God’s Word & Celebrate Truth.

Flat Earth Spinning Models Credit: Paul Cheeft…

For more on the stars see Flat Earth & The Bible – We are NOT Stars (Episode 1)…

In Episode 1 of Flat Earth & The Bible we ask a few questions on the significance of the stars. Is there a deeper meaning of what they have been teaching us about the Sun, Moon and Stars? Why is science and occult philosophy teaching the same thing? Could the biggest lie of all with God’s creation have a unifying way of bringing on the New World Order? We explore and learn more about the beginning connections and where they could lead. We are made in God’s image. We are not made from stars. The entire heliocentric model of our universe is a lie. Don’t let Satan deceive you.

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  1. YCNightingale says:

    On the surface that sounds logical, Sylvia. But I’d encourage you, to go deeper than the “if-then” logic that a lot of disinformation uses, and look at the historical evidence for the Bible, just like we have to look more deeply at the historical evidence behind the “reasonings” of science and the shape of the earth. (You might also do some reading about the founders of Age of Reason.) If you do you’ll find that the Bible is absolutely unique in all the world.

    The battle between truth and deception has been going on throughout history: Truth is revealed and deception is always right there on its heels to distort it (control/steer the information/narrative.) ‘

    There is an overt agenda to deceive in order to enslave, harm and, yes, kill the population, but the greater agenda is spiritual. If we take this principle to flat earth truth, we would expect to find just what we’re seeing; spiritual deception right there within the truth movement.

    You also might want to watch the videos Chris White made on this topic: and:

  2. Sylvia Black says:

    I forgot to say what I originally wanted to say……if everything is this reality is lies and deception, why would the bible be real? Why would they risk allowing us the key to our salvation? As much as I would love to have some kind of handbook foretelling coming events (i truly do not want to blaspheme), i feel deeply that the bible is another trick they can count on humanity to turn to during the last throes.

  3. Sylvia Black says:

    I (more so my mind and my ego) have avoided the flat earth theory at all cost through 5 years searching for truth within a hive of disinformation. Finally after nothing on the internet passed the logic test, I looked at flat earth theory and finally something is ringing true. I’m a new recruit. This is a wicked deception of humanity.

  4. Thanks for your input Daniel! You bring up a good and interesting point! Personally, I reject the modern ‘book of Enoch’. (You can find my reasons in the fallen angel series on the sidebar.) While, as you point out, the book of Enoch is referenced in the New Testament, it presents stories that are mystical kabbalistic teaching and was rejected as part of the canon of scripture as it’s message was not in harmony with the rest of scripture. I find the flat earth theory to be very compelling, but like with everything else, we need to listen with much discernment to all these things, which, you are clearly doing!

    Along another line, if I might beg your indulgence in a spirit of love, (since it’s an ‘Achilles heel’ of mine,) I also want to comment on the use of the name “Yeshua”, as it’s use comes from another kabbalist-based teaching; the “sacred name” false teaching. You can look that up on the site when you get a chance and see my argument with it if you’re interested. But people of all languages say his name differently. God looks at the heart not the pronunciation of names. Since you’re clearly someone who values discernment, I hope you’ll check that out! 🙂 God bless you!


  5. the Earth is flat and we are living under YHVH’s vaulted dome. No doubt about that. But are you sure the modern book of Enoch being the original one? At least the portions in the book of Enoch which are quoted in Jude and Hebrews are trustworthy. but I am not entirely sure about the book which poses as “Enoch” and the conclusions which some flat earthers make out of it for example regarding the planets being the seven fallen angels. yes, the monkey man scientists are wrong about the planets. but we should kerp in mind that in Revelation 22 Yeshua calls himself by the ancient name of the planet Venus which is “Bright MORNING star”! God-given ancient Hebrew name of Venus is Nogah “the bright”! Nogah is the brightest of all planets. so bright that it is visible at the MORNING sky for relatively long time AFTER the sunrise! Why the Messiah would had called himself by the ancient name of fallen angel? I really dont get such logic. I am only asking legitimate questions. Keep up testifying of the flat Earth! Thanks & blessings.

  6. UNBELIEVABLE! I have been awakened! Thank you…

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