There’s No Such Thing As Natural Weather Anymore

YouTube video

Our weather has not been natural for at least 60 years. HAARP facilities, NEXRAD and SBX-1 working together with the now ubiquitous pollution of chemtrails have turned our atmosphere into a filthy, unnatural plasma, as hubris driven madmen steer us toward their Luciferian utopia. Amazingly, most people still ignore what is right in front of their eyes and go along with the lie that chemtrails are nothing more than a “conspiracy theory” and that “climate change” is to blame for the recent devastating storms.

To view any of the documents mentioned in the video, just go to my Geoengineering Documents page (patents here). I really encourage everyone to at least briefly familiarize yourself with these documents because the evidence is absolutely undeniable that the weather is being manipulated; They are creating and controlling these storms.



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