Passive Democide: Drought and Starvation

Killing off large segments of populations is normal government business, and with so many historical examples it is not difficult to understand how poisoning and starvation have accomplished genocides and democide throughout history.  On small scales, people are starved and dehydrated in jails and dungeons, poisoned by snakes, diseases, and fancy, deadly concoctions, and water wells have been poisoned throughout human history; all of which effective murder and often performed without culpability.  In fact, hundreds of millions of people have been murdered by starvation, dehydration and poisoning.  It’s a government thing.

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The Poisoning, Bankruptcy and Poverty of Geoengineering

Geoengineering, also known as chemtrailing, is the cause of climate change.  The artificial changing of the climate has been a hard sell to the public; so hard, in fact, that it was easier to convince the public that they were the cause of climate change than to convince them that governments or corporations purposefully altered weather for pre-determined reasons.

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Geoengineering, Ubiquity, Discontinuity and Sphinx Like Riddles

Geoengineering. “It,” has affected the “all.” How can something be ubiquitous – everywhere – all around us and within us – and simultaneously, nowhere, nonexistent, and invisible?  How can something be a completely new “discovery” – apart from the established and broadly recognized known world – something outside of shared … Read More

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