FedEx Delivers Poison Sky!

by Dan Dapper FedEx does not just deliver cargo they deliver poison sky! FedEx often flies south out of LAX to spray the Coachella Valley. There is no reason for them to fly this far south heading to Memphis Tennessee other than for geoengineering chemical aerosol operations. I have a … Read More

The New World Order: Merely a Forerunner

CO As the dark powers behind the scenes of governments and the social engineering of the public are revealed, the various truth “movements” are bringing mixed messages and disinformation. It’s fair to say that most things found on the internet about the New World Order (NWO) are comprised of half-truths, … Read More

Syria: Bogus Chemical Attack and the Real Agenda

Not surprisingly, the “Gas attack” in Syria has been shown to be a hoax. #BREAKING 11-year-old #Syrian boy Hassan Diab who was shown in the video on the alleged chemical attack in #Douma Reveals that everything was staged by the #WhiteHelmets BBC LIES Exposed On #DoumaGasMassacre #DoumaProvocation — Nardeep … Read More

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