FALLEN ANGEL SERIES PT 1: From Chemtrails to Falllen Angels

The fallen angel/human hybrid interpretation of Genesis 6 has become so prevalent that it’s unpopular to challenge it. Yet it is the core of much error today, from Christians being initiated into Kabbalah to believing the Nephilim are returning. The teaching also supports the idea of DNA modification being pushed … Read More

The Facts About Chemtrails

You’ll find many of these facts elsewhere on this site, but this article by Stallings presents a comprehensive introductory overview. Phillip Stallings Chemtrails and geo-engineering are a controversial issue which has become known to some as a conspiracy theory. In fact, chemtrails are not a “theory” at all. We have … Read More

The Men and Women Fighting Chemtrails

My video “Chemtrails a Christian Perspective” is featured on the DVD, The Men and Women fighting CHEMTRAILS. I was blessed with the opportunity to present a Christian Perspective of the worldwide crime that is still invisible to most people due to media propaganda and conditioning. *Interesting side note, in another example … Read More

Chemtrails Planet and Fellowship Of The Minds Suspended by Wordpress – Internet Censorship

CO – YNightingale The days of freedom of speech on the internet are officially numbered. If “conspiracy theorists” ever longed for a day that their claims would be legitimized, that day has arrived. Yesterday, Chemtrails Planet, hosted by Harold Saive, and Fellowship Of The Minds were suspended by Like … Read More

Alexa Discloses Chemtrails

UPDATE: Amazon has reprogramed all Amazon Echo’s to lie about Chemtrails (again), now say they are just condensation trails or ‘contrails.’ More confusion and chaos to create more fear.   ORIGINAL POST: Videos have been circulating recently about the AI Alexa’s eerie response when asked, “Alexa, What is a chemtrail?” What … Read More

Detox for Geo-engineering, Chemtrails, Aluminium, Round-up, Lyme – Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD

posted by – Electromagnetic Refugee This is a 9 minute edit I’ve made of a 2hr 45min presentation by Neuro-biologist Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD. He discusses the intrinsic link between our health and that of our environment, the huge levels of nanonised aluminium he’s finding in his patients (which … Read More

Chemtrails Exposed: A History Of The New Manhattan Project

Activist Post | Peter A. Kirby “Discoveries and inventions are not terminals; they are fresh starting points from which we can climb to new knowledge.” – Dr. Willis R. Whitney, founder of General Electric Laboratories After so many years of watching airplanes produce the lines in the sky, largely without knowing of … Read More

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