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5 GHz is here! I expected it to show up on a pole outside of my homes, and I’m sure it will eventually, but I learned that today, here and now, 5GHz is being piped right into our homes through our internet routers. I also learned that, for the time being anyway, it is possible to simply turn it off.

In the story below, I talk about how I noticed a drastic increase in the radiation coming from my modem. I was successful in mitigating it with some additional shielding. But since then, the readings increased even more over the coming weeks. So, I decided to disconnect WiFi completely until I could figure out what was going on. When I went into At&T’s control panel on the web, I was surprised to find an entirely new 5 GHz section on the WiFi page:


As you can see, I switched it “Off.” I left the original 2 GHz Wi-Fi Configuration “On.” (My modem is in a router guard See below). The result is that I still have Wi-Fi but the readings on my RF analyzer dropped back to where they were before (negligible).

Here are instructions for modems by:




Time Warner/Spectrum

As a side note, for those of you who may not know: You do NOT need to have your phone WiFi ON all the time. It only needs to be connected to do updates on the device. I keep the WiFi on my phone turned OFF unless I need it.

Original post:

There has been a marked change in the amount of radiation being emitted by my internet router.

OK, first off, the FCC’s established “safety” level for radiofrequency radiation (RF) is purely based on the heating effects (not its effects on human cells). Here are some examples of the effects of EMF waves on blood cells.

The “safety” figures are further complicated by the differences between wave strength, wave length, megahertz & terrahertz… (Just to give you an idea of how complicated it gets, here’s an informative article about Smart Meters that goes into all this). The average person just doesn’t have the time or patience to try and make sense of it all. But, bottom line, the US has the highest “safety” standard in the world, ten times higher than “safety” levels in most of Europe. I don’t know how it is in Europe, but here in the US, device measurements are also twisted to meet their already faulty safety standards.

This is the type of AT&T internet router I have.

Apple devices having trouble with new router from ATT ...

It sits in a Router Guard like this one. (They run about $90 on Amazon)

The Router Guard originally worked exceptionally well. It brought RF levels coming off the router from over 2000 µW/m² to less than 20 µW/m².

Since around Christmas I’ve been experiencing headaches, dizziness & nausea. I thought I just had a mild case of the flu. It got better, and then yesterday I felt bad again.

After talking with someone about 5G being “turned on” sometime this month, (also see: links between 5G and flu-like symptoms), I thought to test my internet router (which is still inside the router guard).

This is the RF analyzer model I have:

HFE35C RF Meter (RF Analyzer / RF Analyser) By Gigahertz Solutions

When I tested the router, the analyzer Max’d out at 2000 µW/m², (meaning the actual level was higher than 2000 µW/m².) When you see the meter showing a “1” that indicates that it exceeds the maximum level the analyzer is able to read.

Please excuse the video quality (and kindly overlook my mess of wires). I unwrapped the router and filmed this in a hurry. But you can see how high the readings are even with the router sitting inside the router guard. Like I said, it did not used to be like this.

Whatever AT&T has done to amp up the radiation coming through the Router, the Router Guard is USELESS against it.

The analyzer also detected Smart Meter “clicks” coming from the Router, which is new. (My Smart Meter has a Guard on it too.)

SOMETHING has changed!

In an effort to bring the levels down, I wrapped the Router & Guard in 8 LAYERS THICK of aluminum foil. That brought levels way down and the WiFi STILL WORKS JUST FINE.

I immediately felt better once the router was wrapped. That was 3 days ago now. I have had no headache, no dizziness or nausea since I wrapped this thing up.

(Looks awful but it works. If you try this, be sure to have space between the router and foil and a hole at the back (pointing away from people) for heat to escape. Note that it’s wrapped underneath too.)

I’m in touch with an expert to try and figure out what is going on. Right off the top he said,

“It’s possible that AT&T is ramping up the output to test their system and that may be what you experienced.”

Test their system for what, 5G? I don’t know.

Please check your routers! Others are reporting similar symptoms and also nose bleeds since right around Christmas. If you are having any of these symptoms and don’t have an analyzer, you can try my messy fix (I’m sure you can improve on it.) Like I say, the relief was immediate.

Here is an article about possible connections between electromagnetic frequencies and Coronavirus, but be aware this is a government website:

Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G

More information about how EMF may be affecting your health:

Keep watch!


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