Dots 1 & 2 by Craig Patin

Dots 1 & 2 by Craig Patin | Hidden in the Crag   Dot one. This is what radiation looks like on your toes it’s called chilblains or pernio it’s common in radiation.   Yes, chilblains on the toes are now covid toes?! What? Nope they’re radiation side effects and they’re … Read More

COVID / Virus Hoax

Here are just a few of the things we know: ● COVID-19 is a made up virus term with symbolic, occult significance. ● There are many (still mounting) peculiarities surrounding the “virus”. ● Tests for Coronavirus are inaccurate. ● COVID-19 “pandemic” appears to have been predicted on several television “programs” … Read More

5G, mem and Social Distancing

I’m posting this for the sake of understanding 5G technology, not to promote fear. It is nothing more than satan’s hubris attempt to counterfeit God’s omniscience and use it to control and destroy. Craig notes the symbolism, which is the enemy’s fingerprint. His destruction has been sealed. Then that lawless … Read More

Two Perspectives on COVID-19 – Both Point to Economic Reset

I’m going to post two videos today that offer different perspectives on the staged COVID-19 “pandemic”. The first one keeps getting taken down by Youtube for breaking some policy or another, so I uploaded it on Brighteon.  Now, I don’t know the speaker and haven’t been able to find further … Read More

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