The Coronavirus / 5G Connection Explained

I’ve covered this in previous posts, but here’s a concise explanation of the 5G / virus connection.

By Brandee Bowen Gorsline (Some minor editing)

There was a buzz back in March about 5G being installed in schools while the kids were home on lockdown. Countless videos were shared by common people at their local schools watching the installers working to set up 5G equipment.

This is what you need to understand: 5G is 60 Ghz. This particular frequency affects the body in many ways, but one major way is that the invisible waves literally poison the cells. Human bodies are at least 80% water. Every cell containing water is affected by frequencies. Picture throwing a rock into a pond…the ripples affect the entire pond.

As the cells are penetrated by this frequency they are poisoned and it causes a detox program to run in an attempt to detoxify the cells and tissues. Fragments of RNA called exosomes (simplified version) run like a computer program (they are not alive) to accomplish this task to protect and preserve the cells. This process is what most people know as “having a virus” or a “bug”. We all know viruses must run their course and they do not respond to antibiotics because they are not living. Anti-biotic = Anti-LIFE. The killing of something alive, usually bacteria…exosomes aka viruses are not bacteria and are not alive and therefore cannot be killed.

You also need to know that 5G or 60 GHz is the exact frequency (on purpose) that prevents oxygen molecules from binding to hemoglobin. This means that the hemoglobin in our blood that is responsible for transporting oxygen to every cell in the body cannot do so. Every cell will be starved of vital oxygen including the brain.

Another frightening aspect of these frequencies being deployed on humans is that there are many ways that we are exposed to heavy metals. Through food, cookware, air, water and primarily vaccines. These metals accumulate in the body causing a myriad of issues but when we have metals in our bodies and we are exposed to wifi and 5G…its like we’re a fork in a microwave oven and we all know what happens when you put a fork in the microwave right?

So when I read about what the experts from the CDC are warning is going to happen this fall TO THE CHILDREN, this is what I see:

?AFTER A COLD OR FLU= after the acute exposure to 60GHz (5G) at school, the child will come down with cold or flu symptoms…acute symptoms of the cells being poisoned and running the exosome program to detoxify to preserve and protect their body. Symptoms will vary in severity based on many factors including overall health of the child and their immune response. Nutrient deficiencies will greatly exaggerate the severity of symptoms because the body doesn’t have the reserves to complete the program without vital nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, trace minerals especially zinc, choline, retinol, omega 3’s and others. This is why some will get a mild cold and some will be gravely ill and some will even die. This is exactly what we see with measles. Healthy, nourished children do NOT die from viruses, but malnourished children can.

?According to the article 6-7 days after the acute symptoms of cold or flu, the child will have weakness in the arms and legs. This is caused by several days of 5G exposure that is depriving the cells of oxygen. Its called AFM and the corrupt medial mafia wants you to believe that they don’t know what causes it. Sadly many truly don’t know because this isn’t taught in medical school, but if I can figure it out, then shame on them for not knowing.

?I suspect that these children may present with symptoms similar to high altitude sickness as their body is deprived of oxygen. (sound familiar???) It is suggested that they be put on ventilators even though this treatment murdered nearly 100% of the victims of 5G exposure in hotspots that were called C0-vi*D back in March and April. Hundreds of front line doctors pleaded with their colleagues to stop treating with ventilators because they knew it was killing people. Most hospitals continued to use them leaving many victims in their wake who’s deaths were blamed on a virus, not the wrong treatment that actually killed them.

?This will likely roll out in various places at different times to cause confusion and the illusion of a contagion just like it did in March. When the children begin to get sick and some even die, society will come to a screeching halt and the sheeple will obey anything the government handlers demand of them. Those who understand what is happening who won’t comply will be accused of being “child haters” and “child killers” just as they are now called “grandma killers”. My own aunt called me this!!!! Can you imagine the shaming if you won’t take the vaccine and you won’t wear a mask or goggles or a face shield???

?I pray that I am dead wrong on all of this. Nothing would make me happier, but shame on me if I don’t warn and sound the alarm with what I’m seeing. You need to be informed if you are sending your children into a school where 5G is going to be launched (they won’t likely disclose this to you). Wifi at 2.4 GHz is slow kill weapon (research it) but 60 gHz takes it to a completely different level. Young, developing bodies exposed to these frequencies 40 or more hours per week is going to be deviating for their mental, physical and emotional health.

?I wish I had a brilliant answer to the question of how to protect yourself from 5G, but I don’t. There are plenty of gadgets and devices claiming some level of protection, but so far I’m not convinced on any of them. There is ONE HOPE and that is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This hope that I have is a free gift and available to everyone who puts total faith in the Kingdom of God that those who believe in Jesus will have eternal life. This world and the evil in it will one day pass away and all things will be made new. The weapons formed against humanity will be destroyed. If you want to be a part of this kingdom and have eternal life, then lets chat. I would love for you to have the same peace and hope that I have even in the midst of such evil.

PS- Trump is CHAMPIONING the quick launch of 5G!…/cdc-expects-2020-outbreak-l…/story…

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