The Truth Will Set You Free!

This is an informative, thought provoking video, reminiscent of Ray Comfort’s street conversations. The video begins with a good song, but the writers have unfortunately bought the lie that since RELIGION has been shown to be false, God must not exist. Satan has done a good job turning the precious truth of Jesus … Read More


  Grief over the loss of a loved one is often given as the reason that people lose their faith or do not believe in God. Their anger at the God who “took away” their loved one makes it impossible to believe, because they simply cannot conceive of such a … Read More

What is Salvation and Why is It Needed?

Bible Made Simple (1st article in the Salvation Series) Has anyone ever asked you if you are “saved”?  It’s the kind of term that makes you want to turn around and RUN! That’s because it’s perceived as a term of indoctrination— you’re thinking, “Saved from what?” and “Whose rules am I … Read More

What It Means to Believe in Jesus

(3rd article in the Salvation Series)  Bible Made Simple Over the last two articles I’ve been discussing the process of salvation.  (What Is Salvation and Why Is It Needed?  Also,The Importance of Repentance in the Process of Salvation). Because many confuse this subject, I want to use this article to … Read More

Prepping With An Eternal Perspective

Chemtrails the Big Picture | by Yvonne Nachtigal The apostle Peter wrote that Satan prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking who he might devour, and Satan is ‘roaring’ all over the internet today. We are on information overload, with news of an economic collapse, the destruction of America, GMO’s, chemtrails, … Read More

Blood Moon & Shemitah Theories and Other Distractions

(UPDATED 9/17/2015) A Different Gospel There continues to be a steady increase in the intrigue and popularity of the Hebrew Roots Movement, and as such, I continue to post articles addressing it. The more I read about this movement, the more clear it becomes to me that this is “a … Read More

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