Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California

HHA | 10/5/2014

Dan Dapper

It’s all about Agenda 21, the Georgia Guidestones and population control of 2014.

No spraying in Palm Desert for all most all of September. I would see the jets, that I know are the chemtrail jets, heading east on many days all month, but not spraying here in the valley. I would see them come back heading west later in the day, so I assume they dumped their toxic load east of California.

But, they have been back at it since Thursday. Here are Fridays pictures in Palm Desert and Saturday in Fallbrook. It was over 100 degrees on those days, it was actually hotter in Fallbrook than the desert. They are cooking us!

I think pictures do speak, and my pictures always speak for themselves. Nothing natural about any of those clouds, they are toxic metallic nano particles we are breathing!

Palm Desert – 10/3/2014

Palm Desert – 10/4/2014



YouTube video
YouTube video

YouTube video

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