Introducing Asperitas: The Newest “Cloud” in the Sky!

Check this out. These HAARP clouds (that look more like drippy soap suds than anything in God’s creation) have become so common that they gave them an actual name!

Introducing Asperitas: The Newest Cloud in the Sky Weatherwise

The top of the cold air pool in a thunderstorm outflow is a prime location for asperitas waves to form, as above Hiawatha, Iowa in 2006.

There is a birthday coming up. On March 23, 2018, World Meteorological Day, asperitas will be one year old. On that date in 2017, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) “gave birth” to a brand new cloud designation—asperitas—by including it, along with 11 siblings, in the first revision of the International Cloud Atlas (ICA) in several decades. The methodical workings of a United Nations agency meant that the gestation period was long—almost a decade—and marked the first such addition since cirrus intortus was added to the pantheon of approved cloud names in 1951. The ICA, originally several hefty, faux-leather bound volumes, was updated, expanded and, most importantly, made available online to professionals and weather enthusiasts everywhere ( While the atmosphere is essentially chaotic, avoiding chaos in the naming and reporting of clouds requires creating a global standard for all to use…. read more and weep…

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