PROOF of Hurricane Control, Bahamas, Bermuda, oct 2015

YouTube video

This is an amazing video! It shows ABSOLUTE PROOF, of Hurricane control, using the classified Ionospheric Heater technology. Hurricane Joaquin was deliberately steered into the Bahamas, and then, to Bermuda. These island nations are not paying the Wall Street gangsters their Hurricane protection money, so the corrupt US Military commanders are using classified technology, to threaten, and devastate, these small island nations.
Hurricane Blanca, in June, 2015, shows crystal clear proof, of how hurricanes are controlled by the US Navy SBX-1 “missile defense agency”, and other microwave transmitter ships.

Finally, we know what is killing the oceans so rapidly!
Now, we have steps to follow, to stop the rapid death of our planet!
Please send a link to anyone who wants to get informed, and help stop the extinction of our biosphere (including ourselves!)
I’ve made some amazing videos, but the proof inside this video is as strong, or stronger, than any of the other discoveries I’ve made!
The world is a different place, now that this classified information is in the public realm! Now, federal, and international police can investigate, and arrest these criminals!

I’m sorry this video is so dark! The details in the clouds are not visible. Youtube made it darker than the version I uploaded. (Next time, I will use video editing software. I promise!)
To see everything much clearer, please download the pdf version, of this slide show (for free).

Download this presentation, as a pdf (52 slides, 2.8 MB)…

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