Signs That You’re Fully Awake

As believers we’re quite aware of the nature of the ‘esoteric powers manipulating our world’ as well as our authority in Christ to stand against them. We know that God told his prophets about these days long ago and that the only thing that will destroy evil and bring peace … Read More

FACEBOOK Sued for Scanning YOUR Private Messages for THEIR Profit

By “others”, FACEBOOK means that they will “share” your private information for their fun and profit, much to the detriment of your privacy. FACEBOOK is facing the real possibility of paying its users up to $10,000 EACH, for violating their privacy, if the plaintiffs prevail in a developing lawsuit. The case is known as … Read More

The Christmas Murders

By Reverend David Whitney December 28, 2014 A week ago yesterday, in an event that not one paper reported, not one TV or other media outlet described, more than one thousand citizens converged on the capital of the State of Washington at Olympia. They all came armed, weapons fully … Read More


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