Homeschooled children have higher graduation rates, more social prowess

(NaturalNews) Homeschooling, once steeped in negativity and subject to eyebrow-raising naysayers, is fast-sweeping the nation as an alternative educational method that comes with higher graduation rates than traditional schooling.(1) In fact, there are approximately 2.2 million students in the United States who receive home education, and experts note that its popularity … Read More

Monsanto: What parents need to know “By 2025 one in two children will be autistic”

(NaturalNews) (Story by Arjun Walia, republished from, with additional editing by Natural News.) “Children today are sicker than they were a generation ago. From childhood cancers to autism, birth defects and asthma, a wide range of childhood diseases and disorders are on the rise. Our assessment of the latest science leaves little … Read More

Christmas Closure – Christmas in Dec 25 is Not Pagan

In this episode Justen and Cris compare popular pagan claims about Christmas, with corresponding contradictions in historical documentation. The adventure includes controversial alternative views, as well as answers the question “Should Christians divide over Christmas?”. Join us tonight for these and much more! This is one broadcast you won’t want … Read More


By Paul McGuire | 12/22/2014 The current conflicts in the Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq and the involvement of Russia, EU, NATO, U.S., Great Britain, Israel, China, and Iran are merely holographic projections of the death of the dollar and the rise of a New International Financial Order. American taxpayers are … Read More

United States Directed Energy Warfare Office — High Powered Microwaves (HPM)

HHADutchsinse Directed energy weapons take many forms.  From EMP (electromagnetic pulses) to HPM (high powered microwaves), several weaponized forms of Radio Frequency are being developed. These .pdf’s from the US Navy Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO) show multiple applications for defensive / offensive Radio Frequency weaponry. Many people have fallen … Read More


A prisoner gets publicly executed in ‘chop chop square’ in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. WND | 12/15/2014 Unconfirmed reports of a new decree imposing the death penalty on anyone caught smuggling Bibles into Saudi Arabia has many Christian ministries and support groups on edge. Practicing any religion other than Islam has long … Read More

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