Lucifer’s MOST Devilish Deception

Excellent work by KJ (Scariest Movie Ever Youtube channel) If you want a good overview of how the occult is at work behind the scenes, check this out. Jesus/Horus & Lucifer’s Devilish Deception (2015) LINKS 1.… 2.… 3.… 4.http://apologetics-notes.comereason.o… 5.… 6.… 7.… All Music by Chris Zabriskie *Theres a Special … Read More

Movie “Lucy” Illuminati EXPOSED! (2014)

HHA *SPECIAL THANKS to ALL of you who mentioned this movie to me in the comments section of my videos. Otherwise, it was off my radar. More Fallen Angel propaganda in film. Mass mind control manipulation in full effect. We are being prepared and programmed for the Great Delusion.

Ray Comfort Raising Money For New Film On Homosexuality

HHA Christian evangelist Ray Comfort plans to release a movie next year that will address the controversial topic of homosexuality from a biblical perspective. Ray Comfort, founder of the apologetics ministry Living Waters, has produced a number of film projects in recent years, including the phenomenally successful abortion documentary “180.” … Read More

Age Of Deceit – The NWO Big Agenda

**Edited 4/13/16 – After tracing the history of Dispensationalism, I no longer adhere to the belief that fallen angels intermarried (had sex with) human women who gave birth to offspring who were giants in the anti-deluvian era, nor do I agree with the use of extra biblical books such as … Read More

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