CDC Planning “Green Zone” Relocation Camps For People At “High Risk” For The Coronavirus

The other day a friend emailed me a link to the CDC document referred to below. I remembered I’d actually seen it last year but it got lost in the sea of information. Chuck Baldwin has taken the time to break the document down to the key points. Now, I … Read More


By Chuck Baldwin | 4/2/2015 | For two months this summer, the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) will conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT) Operation Jade Helm 15 (JH 15) in seven Southwestern U.S. states: California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Military spokesmen say the operation is merely a … Read More

‘Gray State’ Movie Writer/Director Found Dead! Wrote Martial Law – FEMA Camp Movie! Another Watchman Brought Down?

By Live Free Or Die – All News Pipeline A writer and director of the controversial ‘Police State’ – ‘Martial Law’ movie called “Gray State” has been found dead in an apparent murder/suicide along with his wife and 5-year old daughter according to this breaking news story. Screenwriter David Crowley, … Read More

Red Alert! Obama to Use Ebola Hype to Roll Out Checkpoints?

HHA | 10/23/2014 Vine Of Life Leaker Speaks! Also Will Obama Cancel Elections Due to Ebola Fulfilling the Eerie Prophecy of Glenda Jackson? Jaw-Dropping Videos! World Net Daily columnist Mychal  Massie, wrote that Ben Carson, a likely GOP presidential candidate, was right to be worried about the 2016 elections, warning that Obama wants … Read More

Christian, Patriot Roundup Right Around the Corner or Already Here?

HHA | 10/23/2014 Vine Of Life As the chaos ensues globally, the elite are preparing for our indefinite interment and gun confiscations. If you don’t conform with the regime, you will be instantly interred and more than likely questioned, tortured, and whatever else they deem necessary. If you are a Christian, gun owner, … Read More

Ex Illuminati Programmer Turned Born Again Christian

HHA Although this is several years old, it is very relevant in light of what is taking place today. “Svali”, a woman who was raised in the Illuminati, speaks about the organization, confirming suspicions and allegations that the group is behind the NWO, the moral decline of our society, the … Read More

Night Stalkers to continue helicopter training over cities until Thursday

By Frederick Melo and Tad Vezner | Pioneer Press | 8/19/2014 Black Hawk helicopters, like this one on a U.S. peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, caused a stir when they were flown over Minneapolis and St. Paul on Monday night. (Armend Nimani/AFP/Getty Images) RELATED STORIES Aug 19: Soucheray: We bought your scary helicopters, so … Read More

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