Coachella Valley massive chemtrail assault! Oct 17, 2017

Here’s more great footage from Dan Dapper using flight radar to show commercial jets spraying chemtrails.

YouTube video

I took a lot of video of the geoengineering aerosol assault today, here is a small part of what I shot today. I will post more later! We are all breathing these chemicals people, including the FedX pilots spraying them, also on their own family! These pilots need to wake up as to what they are involved in!

This plasma they’re turning the sky into serves multiple purposes, the recent unnatural fires in California likely being one. The main purpose of course is total control. World dominance. I’m sure they’ll use the aluminum saturated sky to create holograms like Disneyland’s “Fantasmic” show when they’re ready to really put it into high gear. They’re truly playing “god”.

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