David Lehman on Divine Creation

The following is a transcript which I made myself from a debate between  “Christians and Athiests” which appears on Youtube . While the debate itself was somewhat of a disappointment, as the atheists seemed more interested in appearing witty and in ridiculing the Christians than in actual debating. They were sadly lacking basic data to support their arguments. (You can watch for yourself and see if you agree, the link is at the bottom of the article). But I feel that David Lehman’s presentation is excellent and that he had valuable information and statistics.  So I went through the trouble to make a transcript. I did my best to look up a couple terms that I didn’t understand. Words in question, I put in italic.

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The “L” Word

As a parent with a window into a daughter’s evolving relationship with a young man, they have me thinking about the “L” word, love. Whereas I am predominantly right-brained, the two of them are predominantly lefties; both scientific, reason- and logic-based thinkers, and both highly intelligent, rational people. However, she, much like her mother, is also a reactive woman; thus, she is also somewhat right-brained and well-acquainted with her reliable emotions as well as her logic (even should she deny this).

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Evolution VS God

Probably the biggest enemy of the truth today and the strongest weapon in fooling the world into accepting the NWO and the alien deception is the doctrine of evolution. This film shows that it is not science, but a religion.

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