Blending Occult Science With Christianity

In this 2012 article, Gaylene Goodroad examines some of the problems with popular “End Times Prophecy Teachers” (ETPT) methods, pointing out their ties to the occult. What’s interesting to me is that the same ETPT are purporting Judaized Christianity (Dispensationalism/Hebrew Roots/Sabbath Keeping/Sacred Name including the mystical Fallen Angel narrative. It seems … Read More

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? Chris White

When you’re researching geocentricity, you’re typically led to the Christian perspective, but invariably you wind up right back at the false “Judeo”-Christian/ Messianic Jewish/Dispensational/Hebrew Roots teachings. In light of that, I thought I’d re-post this excellent teaching by Chris White about Sabbath Keeping.

The Satanists Among Us

God stole the world from Satan. Satan wants it back. They are our neighbours, our co-workers, our pastors, cops and political leaders. They want to confound us and induct us into their cult. This is what Margaret Davis learned when they tried to recruit her. by Henry Makow Ph. D. (abridged)   Satanists … Read More

Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians

Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians JUNE 22, 2016 / RICHARD KALLBERG Did you know that there is a link between Nikola Tesla, music, DNA, and the Giza Pyramids?Seems far fetched, but I’ll show you what it is… Did you notice the Tesla coil? Nikola Tesla clearly knew about cymatics* back in the 1890’s… … Read More

The Stars Declare The Truth

Why is the flat earth topic attracting so much attention and so much disinformation? Is it, as I’ve been repeatedly told, just a “red herring”, a distraction from “real” and important issues facing us like chemtrails, GMO food, radiation, vaccines, the New World Order and Agenda 21? Certainly there are … Read More

River Flow Proves FLAT EARTH

This is both a technical and demonstrative proof of the FLAT EARTH using River flow. It footage ultimately shows how the flow of Rivers prove the FLAT EARTH model. Published on May 17, 2017

The Truth Will Set You Free!

This is an informative, thought provoking video, reminiscent of Ray Comfort’s street conversations. The video begins with a good song, but the writers have unfortunately bought the lie that since RELIGION has been shown to be false, God must not exist. Satan has done a good job turning the precious truth of Jesus … Read More

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