No Coincidence

Coincidence is a word that’s in my vocabulary only to explain why I don’t believe in it. I’m of the understanding that nothing occurs by chance; everything is part of a series of intricately orchestrated events… The location is Cape Town, South Africa. It’s the early 90s -a time of … Read More

From New Age & Witchcraft to Jesus: Jamie Robie

I’m so blessed to count this beautiful brother in Christ as a dear friend. Jamie Robie came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ only 2 years ago in 2018, and yet he knows the scriptures better than many seasoned Christians I know. His passion for Christ and His Word … Read More

Near Death Experiences & The Spirit of Our Age | Dr Deep State

Last week I was invited to talk with my dear friend Dr. Doug Haugen, aka Dr Deep State, about my near death experience and how it opened my eyes to the literal darkness that works behind the scenes in this world, which resulted in the launch this website and my … Read More


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