What is the Hegelian Dialectic?

The Universal Seduction If you want to know why Republicans just gave President Obama more power to ram through the Trans-Pacific Partnership via the Trade Promotion Authority, just study the Hegelian Dialectic. By passing the TPA on Wednesday, the Republican-controlled Senate gave Obama authority to negotiate trade deals such as … Read More

This Abortion Investigation has Gone Viral – See Why Millions are becoming Pro-Life

Onan Coca | 1-10-2015 Live Action is a wonderful organization headed up by a strong and courageous young woman. They’ve done a lot of great work exposing the fraud that the abortion industry has been perpetrating on people for years, all while helping to save countless lives from the horror that is abortion. The … Read More

Mind Control, Synthetic Telepathy and Brain Microchips – Dr. Nick Begich

  Whether you are targeted or not, we are all victims of mind control technologies and the weaponization of our food, water and air. This recent 12 min. interview of Dr. Nick Begich (who wrote Controlling the Human Mind The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance and Angels Don’t Play … Read More

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