Amillennialism: the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

 Origin of Pretribulation Rapture and modern dispensationalism comes from Scofield, who was influential with his footnotes stringing irrelevant passages together to make a case for his doctrine to promote a Zionist political State of Israel as a necessary requirement for the fulfillment of scripture prophecy. Scofield, like John Darby … Read More

Nothing New Under the Sun (From Zoroastrianism to End Times Deception)

World events have ramped up to where many now recognize the existence of not only chemtrails, but some sort of an evil plan to bring about global governance. The question now is no longer so much WHETHER something is happening but WHAT is happening, WHAT VERSION of what is happening we … Read More

1,000 Year Period “Millennium” is Not Literal

Historically speaking, the “1,000 year” period comes from Gnosticism and Zoroastrianism. Here are some insights from John Allen from his book “Unveiling Revelation”. “Did the testament writer know anything about a ‘millennium’? Not even Paul, to whom so many wonderful secrets were revealed! Except for Rev.20, where we read, not … Read More

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