Cabalist-Judaism In The Church? – FALLEN ANGEL/HUMAN HYBRID SERIES – PT 9

CO | Yvonne Nachtigal I recently read an article on Texe Marrs’ site properly identifying Freemasonry as Cabalist-Judaism (which is satanism), but when I followed a link in the article it segued onto the topic of the Nephilim, referring to the “Biblical” story of fallen angels intermarrying with human women and … Read More

Nano Poisoning / Morgellons Part 4

Bye Bye Blue Sky | Suzanne Maher SOFIA SMALLSTORM – ABOUT THE SKY RESEARCHER  Sofia Smallstorm, scientist and researcher states that Morgellons is; a cross-domain domain bacteria (CDB) which are “alien” pathogens deliberately bio-engineered and introduced into the global environment as a “new biology” not found in nature.  These bio … Read More

Nano Poisoning / Morgellons Part 3

Bye Bye Blue Sky | Suzanne Maher Nanomaterials Safety Guidelines The study of nanoparticles and uncovering their potential to be incorporated in technology has evolved rapidly in the last two decades. Many of these nanoparticles are being added in merchandises such as wrinkle and stain resistant fabrics, sunscreen, glare-resistance eye glasses, … Read More

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