Trumpet Sound in the Sky Over Jerusalem

October 1, 2016 Folks, please don’t be impressed that anything supernatural is going on here! There have been strange cloud and sound occurrences happening for years now and none of it has been supernatural. This is easily created by technologies that we know about. Just go to my page on HAARP … Read More

Pentecostalism – Good and Bad – And the “End Times”

Talking Pentecostalism | Pentecostalism – The Good and the Bad This excellent lecture and sermon on Pentecostalism by Mikey Lynch (modern and classic), and is honest about what is good and right about Pentecostalism while highlighting what is wrong and even dangerous about some of its emphases and characteristics. Thinking generously and critically about the … Read More

Is the ‘Mark of the Beast’ Literal?

HHA “What is the Mark of the Beast?”… “Don’t receive the Mark!” “Microchips are the Mark!” “Vaccines are the Mark!” … Popular “End Times” prophecy teachers are leading people to be worried about taking the “mark of the beast” as well as ‘the Mark’s’ possible connection to Transhumanism. The speculation … Read More

Transhumanism – The New Alchemy

Herescope  THE RESURRECTION OF ANCIENT ALCHEMY  Since Satan’s great fall, man too has attempted to become like God Most High. Down through the centuries rebellious men have stiffened their necks in defiance to the Creator and have devised various methods and religious pathways in vain attempts to morph themselves into … Read More

Fallen Angels Myth in Occultic Jewish Literature – FALLEN ANGEL SERIES – Pt 6

by Yvonne Nachtigal | CO  In this segment of the Fallen Angel/Human hybrid series, we’ll look at what Jewish occult literature, the book of Enoch, and modern prophesy teachers say about the fallen angels and the nephilim. Starting with some dates, according to Robert McRoberts of ancient Talmudic text Targum Pseudo-Jonathan … Read More

NBC: “We Could See Microchips In Everyone”!

A recent NBC report says that: “we could see those microchips in everyone” The New World Order totalitarian control is well under way. But is this “The Mark of The Beast”? I don’t think so. Being a book of prophecy, the book of Revelation should be interpreted symbolically, not literally. So, … Read More

The Purpose and Origins of Futurism

Want to understand where the commonly held belief in a “7 Year Tribulation” and all the associated “End Times” teachings came from. Here you go! If you’re like me you’re asking, “What’s Futurism?” This lengthy study covers in greater detail the origins and purpose of Futurism, from which came Dispensationalism, as … Read More

Paul’s Reply to Dispensational Error and Coming Millennial Reign of Christ

“What exactly is Dispensationalism?” Most of us are aware that dispensationalism is a doctrine relating to interpreting prophecy but I, for one, didn’t know until recently just how strongly it has influenced the church during the past 150 years or the powerful role it plays in the New World Order … Read More

MUST WATCH! – Pastor Richard Wurmbrand – Recalls the 14 Years He Spent In A Communist Prison

-MUST WATCH VIDEO BELOW! – THIS IS COMMUNISM – THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS COMMUNISM – Like many Christians, I originally believed that the New World Order was a fulfillment of “End Times Prophecy”. If you’ve watched my video “Chemtrails: A Christian Perspective” You know that’s no longer the case. … Read More


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