“Disturbing Anti-Israel Trend In Christian Churches” Reported by Trumpet Online

They’re scrambling! On Feb 23, The Trumpet Online published an article, originally posted in Olive Tree Views, marking “A Disturbing Anti-Israel Trend in Christian Churches.” The article reports a marked decline in evangelical support for Israel and End Times teaching. In answering the decline, it points to a decline in … Read More

Nothing New Under the Sun (From Zoroastrianism to End Times Deception)

World events have ramped up to where many now recognize the existence of not only chemtrails, but some sort of an evil plan to bring about global governance. The question now is no longer so much WHETHER something is happening but WHAT is happening, WHAT VERSION of what is happening we … Read More

Donald Trump & “Third Temple” for the Whole World

Inside the mind of “Third Temple” advocates. Jerusalem and the “third temple” received a lot of attention last year. In April 2018, according to the Jerusalem Post, a Passover Sacrifice Ritual was carried out at the foot of the temple mount. The ceremony, which included the slaughtering of a lamb, … Read More

Prophecy Fulfilled or ManMade “End Times Script”? Strange Phenomenon at the Temple Mount

Last year, they built an underground Synagogue under the Temple Mount. Now there are strange, increasingly supernatural events surrounding the Temple Mount. Keep in mind when reading the following two articles, that you are reading their END TIMES SCRIPT, a twisted/PHYSICAL interpretation of prophecy. Everything we’re seeing with Israel serves ONE PURPOSE: … Read More

Judaized Christianity: Front for New World Order — Sen. McCarth

CO Henry Makow | August 25, 2018 A year before his death, Sen. Joseph McCarthy made the connection between Freemasonry, Communism, and Judaism. He cited British General Charles Cornwallis 1781 prophecy of the Masonic (Communist) takeover of America. “Cornwallis well knew that his military defeat was only the beginning of world … Read More

John MacArthur on Dispensationalism and The Blood of Jesus

The chief problem with dispensationalism is that it requires two plans of salvation, adding to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Still, I was surprised to hear John McArthur’s comments about the blood of Jesus. WhoIsIsrael In certain circles, John MacArthur is revered as an “evangelical” icon. Listen to MacArthur’s … Read More

The Zionist-Christian Alliance and the Great Deception

Veterans Today “O you who know in your hearts, do not take the [J-e-w-s and Christians] as friends…”  (5:51)   With those words, Shaykh Imran Hosein explains, the Qur’an warns us against the psychotic heresy known as “Judeo-Christianity” — the prime force behind the Zionist invasion, occupation, and genocidal destruction … Read More

The Predictive Programming of Inevitablism (and other Distractions)

CO | Yvonne Nachtigal “It is only when people think they are not buying something, can the real sales pitch begin.” (Michael Hoffman) As many believers are working to combat the tangible evils in the world through prayer-guided-action, fascinating distractions have others running off every which way (Eph 4:14), from … Read More

Dispensationalism’s Occult Roots

So many deceptions seem to lead back to the nineteenth century, a time that saw a great rise in occult spiritualism. I briefly covered Dispensationalism in my video “Chemtrails: A Christian Perspective.” This study shows that dispensationalism is not merely a different interpretation of prophecy, but that it was deliberately sown … Read More

Sacred Names | Deception in the Christian Truth Movement

CO | Yvonne Nachtigal | Edited 4/1/18* “Divine Names: Like Holy Keys. Kabbalah reveals that the entire Torah is dependant upon G-d’s Names. Your enthusiasm is far greater than your question… You, my brother and soul mate, have asked me to show you the pathway to the Names of the … Read More


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