D.C. Council Member Warns about Weather Modification – Draws Accusations of “Hate Speech” | Khazarian Jews ARE the Swamp

You’ve probably read about the backlash D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. received for comments he made about weather modification and the Rothschilds. Here’s a transcript of the video clip below: “Man, it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, … Read More

Eric Dubay Claims Jesus Christ Never Existed

Using “evidences” from Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist film, flat earther, Eric Dubay, recently posted a video boldly claiming that Jesus Christ never existed. Eric Dubay has posted a great deal of flat earth truth, truth that has led many, once they saw their way clear of the “outer space” deception, to embrace the existence of … Read More

WHAT IS TRUTH? Can Scholars Change Our Understanding of Current Events?

“Truth” is increasingly being seen as relative, unknowable and, perhaps most disturbing; irrelevant. This is not new of course, as Pontius Pilate is so famously quoted at Jesus’ trial, “What is truth?!” (Jn 18:38). While Pilate was talking about spiritual truth, “truth” in general,  has been manipulated by the enemy and the powers that … Read More

Santa Claus and Magic Mushrooms

Atlantean Conspiracy | Eric Dubay Have you ever wondered why on Christmas we cut down/carry evergreen trees inside our houses, decorate them with fancy ornaments, and place presents underneath them? “So, why do people bring Pine trees into their houses at the Winter Solstice, placing brightly colored (Red and White) … Read More

Congress Holds Hearings on Weather Manipulation

The lies facilitated by heliocentricism are unending. Here’s some congressional clownery about “mitigating human caused climate change” and “protecting us” from that great big star 93,000,000 miles away. The bright side is that chemtrails aren’t just a “conspiracy theory” anymore.  Aircrap Weather modification just jumped from “chemtrail” conspiracy theory into mainstream reality, as … Read More

Response To Dane Wigington’s Claims Re: CA Fires & Directed Energy Weapons

In this video, Winston addresses Dane Wigington’s recent interview and claims about the northern California fires. She does use footage from the Anthony Patch Show and I do not endorse Patch. Direct Energy Weapon Caught On Video!… Here is the document referred to in the video. [gview file=””]

Vegas Shooting: Concert Workers’ Phone-Footage Wiped Clean by FBI

This story (below) carried by Infowars, a known disinformation site, adds to the mounting evidence that these horrible false flag events and UNnatural disasters… murders (even if no one died at the Las Vegas shooting, several people died afterward) are being exposed by the very powers that are responsible for them. Historically, … Read More

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