Destructive Cabalist Dogma Dooms Humanity

(above, ISIS, latest Illuminati masterpiece) This is an important article if you want to understand the core belief system of those behind the New World Order. Destructive Cabalist Dogma Dooms Humanity by Dr Henry Makow  Ph.D Why do the Illuminati start wars ? As Cabalists (Freemasons,) they are determined to destroy the social order … Read More

Cabala – The Core Of Society’s Obsession With Sex

(above, Cabalist Jew Sigmund Freud, taught sexual wantonness is normal and healthy. Self-control is “repression.”) Just as homosexuals use promiscuity to compensate for loss of healthy intimacy between a man and a woman, the Illuminati want heterosexuals to compensate for loss of God. Cabala – How Sex Became our Religion Updated from … Read More

Victoria, Australia Smart Meters Health Damages Case Study Published And What To Know To Protect Yourself

Activist Post | Catherine Frompovich | 2/26/16 Since public utility companies everywhere and states public utility commissions in the USA are behind the times and not up to date with regard to electromagnetic hypersensitivity issues stemming from microwave technologies, perhaps utility customers could email this article to them. Why? Because it documents … Read More

Full TPP Documents now revealed! Available for download below!kIV1XYKC!ChnfpPd9W……… Also: TPP – Beginning of the Dark Ages | TPP Treaty: Intellectual Property Rights Chapter – 5 October 2015  Every part of this TPP agreement was created to benefit Corporate interests and with Corporate input. That means they were privy to what the details were within this … Read More

Was the United States Created to Advance Global Tyranny?

The quotes presented in this article should cause the thinking person to reconsider what they’ve been taught and think they understand about US History as well as the current fascination in the church with Judaism (Hebrew Roots/Harbinger/Shemitah…). Illuminati Created the US to Advance NWO You blind guides. You strain out … Read More

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