Vegas Shooting: Concert Workers’ Phone-Footage Wiped Clean by FBI

This story (below) carried by Infowars, a known disinformation site, adds to the mounting evidence that these horrible false flag events and UNnatural disasters… murders (even if no one died at the Las Vegas shooting, several people died afterward) are being exposed by the very powers that are responsible for them. Historically, … Read More

Mysterious Strangelets… (Anthony Patch, Quantum Deception & Twain’s Simulation Gospel…)

What about the quantum entanglement that Jim Carey and modern “prophecy experts” are talking about? Should we be afraid that they will eventually be able to completely control our every thought, our very consciousness? Youtuber Truth is Stranger than Fiction explains why this is nonsense. “[If] you think that they actually are … Read More

NASA Plans For 2025 Actual Documents Revealed

SHOCKING NASA DEEP STATE PLANS FOR 2025 DEPOPULATION CULLING ACTUAL DOCUMENTS REVEALED! from Kerry Fritz II on Vimeo. The document itself is startling, though, as are some others I came across in my archives when I was looking for this one. [gview file=””] ( Again, given some technologies the Air Force has … Read More

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